One angel. One message. One million unexplored worlds. Can the angel get the message out in time?


18. Baltidor

Nunti, still frozen to the spot glares up at the dragon.

“Err....” Nunti says.

“Do not be afraid” Baltidor says.

“I – I –I – I’m n – n –not a – afraid”

“I smell your fear... what have you come for?”

“Erm... he... up... I... this..... “Nunti points up, down, left and right. Baltidor looks at her confused.

“Nunti!” Nunti stops, breathes in and looks down. “What it is?”

“Deus sent me, he told me to tell you that the end is coming and you must retreat, bad things are going to happen soon and with your world first in line.. your world as you know it will end” Baltidor looks alerted, and then looks toward Mirraglas.

“Mirraglas, round up the others, Nunti, thank you, I do not know how to thank you enough”

“That’s fine”

“And thank Deus as well, for now, we must leave before anything else happens” Mirraglas exits the cave first with Nunti following him, and then Baltidor comes out last. Nunti turns, and sees that he is much, much bigger than Mirraglas, all she can do is stare at him.

“Thank you again Nunti, we are leaving now, where are you travelling to?”

“Erm...” Nunti says glaring up at him. “I’m going back to my world”

“Be safe. And thank you” without another word Mirraglas and Baltidor fly off into the distance. Nunti then kicks off from the ground and the flies up to the vortex. Miles and miles ahead of her fireballs rain from the sky, Nunti knows that she has got here in time, before anything more serious has happened. Though the vortex she flies and back into her world. 

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