One angel. One message. One million unexplored worlds. Can the angel get the message out in time?


29. Amicus

Nunti and Amicus reach the front doors of the house, this time, they don’t open.

“What the – “Nunti says and turns around. The guards are heading for them. “Uhh” she rolls her eyes.

“Shouldn’t we have....?” Amicus starts to say. The guards reach them.

“Visitors come to the gate” one says and they strand in front of them, Amicus, looking nervous, looks towards Nunti.

“Custos, this is Amicus, she’s the new nurse here” Nunti says.

“Oh right, next time, she comes to the gate”

“Hey” Nunti crosses her arms and looks up at him. “Do you know who you’re talking to here?” Custos looks down.

“Yes miss, sorry miss”

“That’s more like it... Custos... Astos.... lets go” Nunti takes Amicus’s hand and walks into the house, Amicus looks up in awe.

“Wow.... this is amazing” Amicus says smiling.

“Yeah it’s pretty amazing”

“Can I help?” Vernat looks up and asks.

“No... You can’t actually”

“Glad to see that you're better Nunti”

“Yeah... this is Vernat the receptionist, she’s pretty cool”

“Who do I have the pleasure of meeting?”

“This is Amicus the new nurse, and my best friend”

“Amicus... I’ve heard a lot of good things about you; it’s nice to meet you”

“You too” Amicus smiles.

“The hospital wings over there if you wanna have a look” Nunti says.

“Okay” Nunti takes her hand and walks her over, room 3, she knocks”

“Come in” Sana calls and they walk into the room. “What have you done now Nunti?”

“I haven’t done anything; this is Amicus the new nurse”

“Oh Amicus, what a pleasure to meet you” they shake hands.

“You to, I’ve been looking forward to working here”

“I do need fresh new young blood here”

“That’s because your getting on now, she’s old” Nunti says. Sana just stares at Nunti, then, there is a knock at the door.

“Come in” the door opens and Deus comes in.

“Are you trained to say that?”

“Ah, Deus, I wasn’t aware that your daughter was a comedian”

“Yes, she is quite a funny one” Deus says and taps Nunti on the head.

“Thank you” Nunti says.

“Can I steal my daughter?”

“Of course”

“Bye Amicus” Nunti says.

“Bye Nunti” Amicus smiles, and Nunti and Deus leave the room.

“Nunti... I’d like for you to go to the centaur land, see what is going on, and then come back to me” Deus says.

“Yes father” Nunti smiles.

“You seem happier”

“I am, I bumped into Amicus in the village, and I’m really glad that I did”

“And so am I, I shall see you later Nunti”

“Bye father” the doors open, Nunti flies off, going back to the centaur land. 

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