Atlanta Pond: Fate's Chosen One


1. The Moment You Realize That You Are . . . Different

As I ran through the barren hallways with beige threadbare carpet and white walls fear began to overwhelm me. Chasing me is Cyrus Robinson and his two cousins, Daren and Jayden. It seems like forever until I got to the tiny cafeteria with double doors, but only one is open.

            Running in I shut the door as fast and with all the force I could have managed. And a few seconds later I heard loud bangs against the door. I probably should leave now. . .

            Turning around I see the familiar place with so many round tables and chairs that I wouldn't be able to count. It is an enclosed space with only about four sets of double doors. With six lines waiting to get their daily mush. It truly isn't food it is mush that is bland and colorless as everything else in this underprivileged boarding school for orphans.

            Deciding it would be better to find a table I ran to the front of the cafeteria to a hidden table that seems to be forgotten by most. Grabbing a chair for both me and my best friend/school year roommate, Annie Ross, and then I sat down as my lungs began to relax from the running. Few minutes later she came with two blue large trays.

            “What's with the extra tray, Annie?” I asked as she sat down and put down the trays on the table.

            “For you, Atlanta,” Annie said, “Dad is paying for us both to eat the better food then what you're eating.”

            Looking up straight at her I noticed that she has put her brown hair into a bun and that she is wearing eyeliner. Examining her more closely I could see her has a round face, a strong jawline and just overall the looks of what a girl should look like. She always loped with a grace that I could never have in my entire life.

            “Thanks,” I said, “You know that your family doesn't have to do this.”

            “Of course we do,” Annie began, “You're basically a living corps.”

            Of course she doesn't know that it hurts every time someone says, but then again I don't show it or say out loud that it emotionally hurts. Taking one of the blue trays I found a large plate with a large stack of foreign food on it and a bowl with a foreign food that's between a solid and a liquid. Also what looks to be the color brown?

            “What are these foods called?” I asked, confused.

            “The food on the plate is called pancakes, “And in the bowl is a food called oatmeal.”

            Picking up a spoon and began to take spoonful’s of the oatmeal, and I found out it is in fact delicious. The pancakes are also indeed delicious.

            Finishing up we cleaned up after ourselves and put away everything, and we started on our way to class. On our way to class I saw Cyrus and his cousins in an abandoned classroom with a girl they have ganged up on who is just a little younger than Annie and I. Annie has not noticed the scene and kept going to class.

            I quietly walked into the dirty and dusty classroom, and they didn't notice me at all. The girl that is in a corner however has noticed me.

            “And what do you three think you’re doing?” I asked in a daring tone.

            They turned around to look at me, and smirks formed on their faces. All three look the same except Cyrus is the shortest out the three, but also the smartest. The same short brown hair, black eyes with evil glints in their eyes and even the same round faces. As well as pale skin.

            In the corner of my eye I saw the girl leave the room, running with all the speed she has. I am all alone. Other than the fear I feel I also feel a short of pride of myself.

            “What are you going to do now that you're all alone?” Cyrus said cruelly while his smirk grew larger.

            “I don't need anyone to help me to teach you boys a lesson.” I replied while I kept my voice calm.

            “Oh really,” Cyrus said with a fake interest, “You're just a girl, and girls are weak.”

            “You're just a stupid little boy that thinks you know everything, but you don't.” I said as I rolled my eyes.

            He couldn't make a comeback so he just blindly punched the air. I caught his hand with my right hand, and I slowly twisted his arm. Cyrus began to wail and cries like a little baby. Both Daren and Jayden tried to pry me off of him, but they failed. I kept twisting his wrist until the point that he is begging for mercy, and then I left go. Then Daren and Jayden flung themselves at me and pulled down my black over sized shorts to where my underwear is visible. I pull them up and a strange . . . . energy filled me with strength. It flows like water does in a stream or other body of water, but it also feels like a clogged water pipe and all the pressure within.

            A blue and green aura appeared around me. It kept getting stronger as well as the energy inside me. Looking at the three boys I could tell that they are terrified to the point that they couldn't move or speak.

            “Freak,” is the only thing Cyrus manages to say.

            The energy is overtaking me now, and it's telling me to do one thing. Lose control. I let out all the energy, and earthquakes evoked. And even the earthquakes began to advance in power. Everything in the room including the desks are moving around.

            By the end of it a desk that has been flying for some time lands on me right on the stomach. And instantly I am knocked out.

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