Love is Love

What is the perfect thing in the world?? Being in love and living this romance with person that you see yourself in , leads to true happiness . A story that describes modern day love experience .
Jack and Christian two person attended a club and got to know each other “a lot” , Jack felt that she is one for her . Therefor , there relationship started . At first it was a good relationship , they were happy together but faith was hiding for them a lot bumps on the road .....
Shhhhhh i need to stop telling you what is going to happen , Just Read !!


1. Love at First Sight

We were at a party , a usual Saturday night in the club which is two blocks away , I just hang out with my bros , we drink and try to find the perfect girl . Anyway I ordered my drink . I noticed this beautiful women standing in front of me so I had to get her number at least or ask her on a date .

I grabbed my drink and went towards her .

“ hey , I am Jack and you are ?”

“ hey jack , I am Christina , I love the name Jack . What do you work and where are you from ??”

“ I Live here in Chicago and I am an architecture”

Time flew , we kept talking and talking and didn't notice that we are alone in the club

The bartender came to us : “ we are going have to close”

So I asked with a surprised tone “ what time is it”

“ it is like 3 after midnight”

Christina put down her drink and wanted to leave so I offered a ride home .

After 30 minutes we were in front of her door and we kissed , from that instant I knew that she is the one for me , that she is the one that I want to spend my life with and have kids and grow old.

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