Love is Love

What is the perfect thing in the world?? Being in love and living this romance with person that you see yourself in , leads to true happiness . A story that describes modern day love experience .
Jack and Christian two person attended a club and got to know each other “a lot” , Jack felt that she is one for her . Therefor , there relationship started . At first it was a good relationship , they were happy together but faith was hiding for them a lot bumps on the road .....
Shhhhhh i need to stop telling you what is going to happen , Just Read !!


2. Looking for Her

Days passed by , we kept it casual , just chatting and texting , no meet ups . Everyone of us got busy in work , so it drift us apart . Then one day , I received an invitation to a Fundraiser Gala from my boss telling me to attend and talk about how our Architect company will help the refugees to have a better place to live in . Fortunately , Guess what??? Christina attended the gala too , it was faith that brought us together that night

“Christina!” I said with a sharp voice yet confident

“ oh my god! Jack” she replied with surprise as if she was so happy to meet me

“ I was wondering would like to get the hell out of here and have our own dinner ? Just the two of us ?” I asked her

“ I would love that a lot”

Afterwards , we head to an amazing Italian restaurant which was on the 30th floor , it had an amazing view , you could see the whole city .

Drinking wine , enjoying the view , having fun with someone like Christina and being able to be the normal Jack with her is a blessing.

At Midnight , I drove her to her house , she asked me to come in

“ would you like to continue to the evening inside?”

“ yeah sure !”

We went in , we drank some wine , and then I leaned towards her , some electrical magnetic got me and I kissed her with passion. The taste of her lipstick was good , my hands down her b**** . It was a night full of Sexual tension. Shhhhhh I can't tell you all the details . Just imagine

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