This story is about a boy named Kareem Campbell and he is attracted to this girl from a party Yolanda Lyric he nickname her butterfly and only on the weekend they be imitated with each other but personally is that what he wants or he never was in love before?


7. Violence Involved

They had a awesome night with each other by holding each other tight and when Yolanda told kareem that she love him so much to never let go of all the time that they spent together he stopped all the girls that he had on his phone and she been waiting for him to do that for the longest.

Yolanda is never insecure it's that she needs kareem to be faithful for their own antics and remember why their together in the first place they were all very much like the way that Kareem included her friends on the other hand his boys doesn't have no words to say or describe the time of them to party anymore.

This is the new kareem a lady man who is with one lady and that is only yolanda the girls agreed even more and the boys had every right to say something about his new ways to get the best of them but they are going to be judgemental and rude so they weren't going to say much.

The boys played fairly about the whole thing is that she would played him into being a good person for Yolanda everyone thinking that she's asking for too much they cost of the time now for being a little bit much for who they are they going to have a plan to get rid of Yolanda she went to far this time week for bring bossy and found out some information about yolanda.

Her friends are getting more involved in the fact that she wasn't even a true friend to them here today kareem went to a party around the neighborhood he was their and the boys gave him his supplies of him what he's been doing this whole time he needs to explain why he's not doing drugs or drinking anymore it's a long storyline for them his parents are coming back for the holidays and it wad best that he won't mention the bad things happening to him 

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