This story is about a boy named Kareem Campbell and he is attracted to this girl from a party Yolanda Lyric he nickname her butterfly and only on the weekend they be imitated with each other but personally is that what he wants or he never was in love before?


2. My Love for you has just begun

He went to see his real friends they haven't seen him for a while he just getting used to the atomsphere that he has with them and they will be in the nightclubs to have fun on a special girl birthday party for her being 22 let's just see if this girl is Kareem type because his types of girls are desperate and fake for loving him and only wants his money.

He went to have fun for the night he had his favorite drink and that is daiquiri he has his first one since his birthday he really likes them since then, he makes it home safe and he went to bed and dream about his nights on what he does when is awake and when he woke up his everyday routine is to wake up, go to school and be able to carry everything on his own while he is alone and can't ask no one else help that what he has to learn as an adult.

His name Kareem was next up to proceed his own dreams and tonight was his night all about him he has his own studio and that is when he pulls heart out to his singing and what bothers him is his habits he was going through enough with his family treating him strictly prohibited from drugs, not having realtions before you get married and being a acholohic the ways he has them is hiding behind his family back.

He never told anyone his secrets expect his friends he doesn't like to put people down especially the ones that loves him and he said that one he promise to do right for his family and himself to be contain to be careful not to mention what he does when he is at home his age has nothing to do what can he do in this case then he sends the message of the time during him being high

He look at the mirror too fast pace himself to be ahead of time to he if he is a grow up or he is moving to fast when he does his habits one time he couldnt even stopped for himself not anymore he got into having a problem his health can be found out when he uses his habits of the drugs things that isn't a joke then his lifestyle can be easily prepared to what he has done.

Kareem and his friends had did all the work on this party they have done they think that Kareem is going to like this girl that is turning 22 so they'll see if he likes her or giving him the best of luck finding someone he doesn't love him or have any money for the first night through him.

For that night the party and decorations has been wanting more information about how this party is on the phone number of what place is at and his true love would be here any time soon he hopes that she won't be some spoil brat like the others or maybe he is looking forward to this nonsense this is going to be a long night. 

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