This story is about a boy named Kareem Campbell and he is attracted to this girl from a party Yolanda Lyric he nickname her butterfly and only on the weekend they be imitated with each other but personally is that what he wants or he never was in love before?


9. I will always love you

Yolanda pick up the phone and as you can see Kareem is not drinking and smoking on drugs he got help and now he feels mature and they won't get back to together they're going to be just friends and start their lives over the past was just the past and luckily Yolanda is still a good person for Kareem and the rest of the day they still are going to talk to each other in separate ways.

The only thing that they can say is that they way that they been the bigger person who weren't fighting but care about each other and wish them well with their new lives but their love life is still on hold to each other because Yolanda still loves him without the need to understand for who he is.

Some way that old life back then can be very serious matter how many people can have problems with their old life Yolanda gave up her whole school year over a boy that loves her without showing it but tries to understand what was going through their mind he wants Yolanda when he is in trouble he will miss that but he feeling better.

They have to go back where they used to be alone and going to do what is right for themselves and one day they would be proud that making a positive attitude is the most important thing as the friendship they might have to be better people.

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