This story is about a boy named Kareem Campbell and he is attracted to this girl from a party Yolanda Lyric he nickname her butterfly and only on the weekend they be imitated with each other but personally is that what he wants or he never was in love before?


4. Fun games

The masterpiece of his life could haven't been heard from him being a boyfriend after hours ahead of work to do with the same people who got him where his old days of being a bad boy so he is still able to work at home with his studio that he built for his music.

His favorite people who does the music industry when he was a littke kid he took all his cash for college bills and he wanted his career to work for music his name Kareem was his father middle name is not the only piece of the whole music is where the money come in but he makes music because it's his life.

Yolanda visit his new studio and that was the truth of his creation of the art being able to this expression of a sudden part of himself they are going well for now he is not the only one that is when the communication goes wrong about his new job for singing is for himself.

Yolanda came to stay a night to see him write his songs that he wrote for himself as his songs that cares about his art his project was singing and doing art as dancing the emotions into the world of lovely place to stay on the phone while they were talking.

Kareem stills had something going on for her to start with a person that people moves too much of their love lives they had been over there and then kareem the time was ticking for them to come starting to go home and go to school and they're not going to go anywhere but see them together. 

She explain why can't she was a little bit too fast for a relationship she told the whole truth about her old love life and she still wants to be with kareem as long she feels like that is kareem girlfriend and respected as one and when he is around females she better not be treated like an outcast.

He explained who he is in so much pain when he is doing drugs and alcohol for his struggles with his parents being divorce and his family are being made up as a big happy family a few days later Yolanda came home from work and school that wasn't the case in her own life as a young woman the way he likes her and the name of her mind body soul and heart of gold she still hasn't added any other people to be accepted for who she is.

The chapters of both worlds largest and most importantly until the end was almost like the idea that she will be honored to be his date as a his girl at the release of his mixtapes they had a great time together just the way that Yolanda like it to begin with,


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