This story is about a boy named Kareem Campbell and he is attracted to this girl from a party Yolanda Lyric he nickname her butterfly and only on the weekend they be imitated with each other but personally is that what he wants or he never was in love before?


1. Dear Kareem

Being in college was great as a freshman he is 21 years old so he's legal to do whatever he wants so he does likes a lot of people who likes to have fun and he wants to be a singer who has a calm and soothing voice and the other girls who are bothering him and following him like he is their puppy dog that wasn't the case his point that he has been wanting a girl who isn't like that so is desperate.

He went to school and his friends were his drugs and his drinks were the girls just having fun but he does have real friends he has them when he's alone in the house he is sneaky at most of the time during the day his mother be at work but since he has been in trouble along with his friends he wasn't even thinking about moving out his mother not even going to allow him.

He tolerate people who treats him like he not a real person who tags him with being a liar when he does lie he thinks of him less than a person so he'll be damaged by how people be serious the real world can be waiting for him someday everything was going to be fine once he has everything that he needs and that is himself.

His posion ivy are his drugs he uses them not to be stress out or having fun maybe to party with, his life is real he could've experience someone in his family does his drugs aren't just for those kind of things that makes you young and stupid that just his lifestyle bowing down for nobody only him he nevrr never going to give the enemies the power of his battle with drugs.

When he knows that the knot inside of him is the girls where his old habits started to get real serious when he supplies it to girls to take all the aggression out on them when he wants to go out somewhere and be himself around-the-clock with females and his boys were waiting for the drugs to kick in to float on air and see what these girls seems to see what is his theme of his name what is they thinking about the new things and that is whether he wants someone or be the ladies man that he is.

The pills that he pops are the girls wanting more than going out they want to have a little bit of who he is but his passion is singing and his voice would be soothing and he has the confidence to remember that he does have not a problem with drugs,woman and pills he just being young and stupid id his family knows what he is doing while in college he looked at himself like the bad guy who lets his family down.

Kareem days with fake ids, partying and being single couldn't be over because he can do whatever he wants to when he is taking them he feels weak then better at the end of the night of the time of midnight he wants to know if his peers are going to find out some of them can kiss him then leave him for someone else.

When he gets to gave the couristy to be himself then he is high as a kite and being a fool then problems comes to his responsibility being able to express him right now he might go out tonight and he if his love for woman is true to him we'll see in his chapter. 

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