This story is about a boy named Kareem Campbell and he is attracted to this girl from a party Yolanda Lyric he nickname her butterfly and only on the weekend they be imitated with each other but personally is that what he wants or he never was in love before?


8. Case Closed

Kareem and Yolanda takes the time to get a chance of him being faithful and be honest to whatever he is doing the most recent things that Kareem does is him being himself and this time she does too much in most of their relationship sometimes it doesn't work out for them and they don't know if they don't work out.

Yolanda needs to do what is best for her happiness and maybe she doesn't need to be with Kareem she can be by herself no matter how she is going to make it out here on her own she is going to try. The best way to handle is to be honest with him now that what should come first instead of treating her not like a girlfriend and for Yolanda she doesn't need to be here right now.

Yolanda needs to be Yolanda Lyric like she is supposed to be doing as being twenty two she run after some man that barely loves her but only on the weekend now they need to be together then things need to be serious if it doesn't she doesn't know what to even do with herself. 

She doesn't want to see her face being feel when she is speechless where the first time they spoke on the flashback but to be honest that was her true love but enough is enough because she doesn't need that being treated like a outcast and in real life it's getting very annoying for a while if you're with that person then you get you have missed for yourself and who you used to be things can get ugly in their relationship real fast.

Yolanda had insecure issues before and she doesn't want to go down that road again so she came to talk to Kareem and as usual he is high and right now she is getting sick and tired of him not caring about what she has to say to him about communicating she wrote him a letter in his room then she left quietly he came to drink a glass of water and he read the letter in the table he started to realize what he has done wrong.

Yolanda had to go home to where she lives and find her way into being herself and feeling down wasn't going to make it easy enough she really loves Kareem but getting his act together he has to do that on his own but he wasn't going to put up a fight with her anymore so he has to tell how he feels in the ending of their relationship but they hope that they still be the best of friends.





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