Tangled Words Make Beautiful Lyrics

Just a small composition of some gorgeous lyrics.
[Cover By Sanguine]


1. Tangled Words Make Brief Explanations

A Quick Note:

Most of the lyrics used within this collection are from my favourite artists/bands. I am very into pop punk/indie rock/punk rock, so if you're into a different genre then I apologise that there probably will not be a lot of lyrics you may recognise.

Although you may not like the genre or song, you could still like the lyrics so please do not hate on my song choices and band/artist choices. Any hatred will be deleted as I do not appreciate it.

There may be two or more chapters with the same titles. This is because some songs have many stunning lyrics in them and I would like to use them all.



Some of the lyrics do contain swear words or may mean inappropriate things. Please be aware of this before continuing.



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