Sleeping Vampires

I haunt at night. I can not stand sunlight. The darkness is my active time to hunt for my victims. I hide in a dark, sunlight place to wait for night.

I go to my crypt and climb in my coffin. I then close my eyes and fall into a deep sleep. You can call it a trance. As my werewolves guard my crypt. I read and listen at music if I am in the mood.

I have to "hunt" and do it often. I feed on emotions in addition to blood. My ABBA holds such fascination to me. It just feels like a whole different world. Yet he is not a "ghost" or "Demon". Yet does partake in the dark nature and possesses mysterious of both. He belongs to no world as do I.

As ABBA goes-forth from his grave in the night. He attacks people while they are sleeping. Then goes on to "suck" the "blood" and "destroy" them.


1. Chapter 2. Sleeping With Vampires



He does not spare anyone.  My ABBA and I are very mischievous and murderous.  When we suck the blood,  we are nourished and preserved.  It is feared that the vampire has no rest "in the grave".  Just to wait on "doom".


Just keep his prey in sight.  As there is a shadow of a vampire near.  The process called death was a passage to another world.


ABBA requires me to beg for my life.  Which is so "sexy" to me.  For death I have to beg and I do.  We also sometimes have sex in the coffin.  Which is fun and turns me on.  I long for lust.  It is so exciting.  You know you're  living with the "best" when you have a "vampire Lover".


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