The Assassin's Secret


Such a wonderful thing isn't it?

You know, we do possess a right to live, a right to freewill .

Some choose to use that right for the greater good and choose to abuse it.

We created this world by our actions, we were supposed to be the ones to make a difference ; Our society ended up being worse than the society that began this mess in the first place.
I wanted change, no desired it. Our society was built on desire and secrets , deceit and greed .

I wanted the game to stop.

But it had already begun.


5. Truth Be Told


I woke up knackered. It took my eyes a moment to register my new surroundings. I was in a dingy box- sized room, in a hospital bed, strapped to all sorts of medical mumbo-jumbo. As I attempted to prop myself up, my head began to properly ache to an extensive degree. I tried to curl my toes only to feel the motion of one of them

“I’m sorry but we couldn’t save your leg, madame.” Said a soothingly accented voice

I turned ever so slightly to face my latest companion in the room, it was tall and slender dark- skinned girl (who looked around my age) she had her hair in a neat plait and wore a black jumpsuit covered in armory with what I could just tell were combat boots.

Bonjour Madame Ricci. My name is Charlize Cotillard and you are in Base Camp 7’s infirmary. Your left leg suffered great injury from the explosion and was beyond repair so an artificial leg had been fitted instead,”

When she noticed my lack of talk, Charlize continued,

“The drugs will wear off. You are having a meeting with our head in 5 minute anyways so..”

“Where the hell is my sister?” Those were the first words I’d been able to utter since I woke up

Charlize only gave me a pitiful look and I didn’t need an answer.

“Sorry.” Was all that came out of her mouth before stepping out from the door.

I couldn’t muster tears , so I cave back into my dark place.

I screamed.

Until I felt another dose of drugs enter inside my system.

 The next time I woke, I wasn’t in a hospital bed,

 I was in a wheelchair.

The person pushing it was a boy (also presumably around my age) he too dressed in sharp, black attire.

“You’ve stopped screaming then?” he asked almost mockingly as he directed the wheelchair towards the end of the endless corridor.

The corridor in which we were in reminded me of the submarines, dark & gloomy.

“Who am I meeting?” I asked icily, I had no time for pity, nor pathetic low lives

“You are meeting the Madame Supreme.”

I just remained silent

“Not much of a talker for the PM’s daughter are you? Well my name is Shane Carter, head hacker in Base 7 and yes I’m 18.”

I studied his face for a moment, his eyes looked exhausted yet he managed to plaster a smirk on his face

“What the hell is so funny?” I finally questioned, as the smiles and sniggers were getting on my nerves.

“I ain’t talking to you princess, I am simply listening to the hilarious conversation my best friend is having with her other best mate who just so happens to be my adoptive brother.”

This had seriously happened.

We had finally reached the end of what seemed a magnitude of a corridor and stopped in front of a large black door with a holographic touch pad in which Shane typed into before the doors opened. The room was exceedingly large with giant television screens (each containing plots on the world map) and a massive tracker of presumably every single person in the Camp.

Shane wheeled me in front of the mahogany desk, then hurried off along.

I just sat in silence, still surprising myself as to why I hadn’t taken any drastic action yet,

“Brianna Rosalie Vaughn-Ricci, what a pleasure to be in your presence!” the voice was that of a female but sounded artificial – like a computer

“Who are you?” I managed to ask

“That nobody knows. But what I can tell you is why we brought you here”

I still couldn’t pin-point exactly the source of the voice is so I stayed silent

“You are daughter to the most powerful man in the world, and that man is a swine. He has corrupted the very purpose and demographic of peace and justice, he and his brothers! We have been fighting for change for the past 25 years, recruiting the smartest and learned of young minds to help create a movement to rid this damn world of the dictatorships tainted within. Your father is a man that needs getting rid of for the sake of society and all within it.”

“And what am I needed for?” I questioned

“Just watch the screen.” The artificial voice spoke

 The screen saw a phoenix rising from the ashes then morph into a candid version of me, I destroy my father’s statue with a ball of fire.

“Why me?”

“Because not only do you possess great skill and scored the almost unattainable 99.9% in your Test at 7 years of age,”

 (The test was an IQ exam designed to calculate the percentage of secular skill a person has, anywhere between 70 and 90 was deemed acceptable , any lower and you were considered a fool and you’d be sent to an institution where one would be isolated from the rest of society in fear that these ones would grow up becoming future criminals - disgusting , I know) if you attained any higher then you were considered as a great asset that the ministry should keep an eye for future requirements)

you are what the people need to see in order to become brave enough to fight!”

“So are you asking me to become a pawn in your games?”

“I’m not asking.”




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