The Assassin's Secret


Such a wonderful thing isn't it?

You know, we do possess a right to live, a right to freewill .

Some choose to use that right for the greater good and choose to abuse it.

We created this world by our actions, we were supposed to be the ones to make a difference ; Our society ended up being worse than the society that began this mess in the first place.
I wanted change, no desired it. Our society was built on desire and secrets , deceit and greed .

I wanted the game to stop.

But it had already begun.


2. Phoenix Rising

The day after the package arrived, Celeste and I were being prepared for the annual Ministerial ball. It was an event that involved all the 25 members of the Ministry of Justice uniting for one night in a more civil manner, also this would be a way to show the other leaders what Requa could offer and how we lead up to our motto Ex favilla resurgimus (From ashes we rise) and it was mandatory for us to attend and represent the Ricci household; This would be the first Ministerial ball since Her death. My escort and servant Luna Fields was responsible for making sure I was prepped for the event and strictly following the schedule. Luna was from the poorer Sector F and had been my escort since I was a little girl - and that's all I knew. I woke up that morning, my mind still confused by the package and its content, the Chucky Doll that looked awfully like me, the pocket watch with the phoenix engraved at the back, the message. Why though? Anyways I had other things to think about, like this damn Ball. I checked my phone for any messages, only from Celeste Time to get ready, wake up B ;) - C After getting out of the shower, I ended up getting the fright of my seeing a message written on my misty mirror, TICK TOCK , Time to die Ricci See u in the ball tonight ************************************** That same phrase 'TICK TOCK' again? This person claimed to be attending tonight’s ball so I could make an attempt to uncover who they were. Death threats? References to time? Original, could give them that but so cliché! After the shower incident, I dressed up in casual attire and made my way downstairs to the dining hall where C was carefully picking the healthiest food and eating it ( my sister had an obsession with her appearance) meanwhile my father took a sip of his specially grounded coffee , immersed into the paper that he was reading . I took my seat opposite Celeste and grabbed a slice of plain toast from the silver platter , Luna approached me a bowed down to bid me good morning ( as required , though I honestly found it uncomfortable) and asked whether I wished for anything to drink , "Do you require a beverage with that toast Miss Ricci? I could get you a glass of fresh orange juice?" My father was watching carefully by this point ( I could practically feel his eyes burning me at the back of my head) he believed that the Sectors of D, E and F were of the lesser valued , less intelligent ones . All the workers in our house were from D, E & F and were expected to be seen but never heard off. Luna was a specific target for my father’s distasteful comments and father probably wished her dead but he couldn't do that , he was the President of Requa (In addition , Supreme Minister of Justice) and last time I checked, Presidents were supposed to be impartial, "No thank you Luna, you go and have breakfast, you must be starving." I answered; Luna merely bowed and left the room I believed that everyone was equal no matter who they were or where they came from. I know it may sound silly but asking Luna to eat food and giving her a luxury which she was specifically deprived from meant I was defying my father and he doesn't like being played. "Brianna Rosalie Ricci what on God's earth was that? Why would you tell that puny pathetic thing to eat?" My father questioned in a composed manner, finally putting the paper down and looking towards my direction I never really talked to my father because he was either working or out , however he made sure his rules and regulations were bestowed clearly into our minds . He hated the idea of kindness towards what he perceived as lowly and unimportant. "Because Father she hadn't eaten in days and when the leaders come to the ball tonight, it wouldn’t be good for your image if one of your workers looked famished while the others weren’t, would it?" I answered back, aware that I was walking on some mighty thin ice. Father and I regarded each other before he proceeded to drop his paper and walk out. Celeste just gave me an astonished look, and then her phone rang "Hello C Ricci speaking... Oh ok I'll be down in a moment, bye!" "Who was that?" I asked "Blaze, she wants me to come up to do my hair for tonight." Harper Blaze was the closest thing she had to a best friend (apart from me of course) and her primary stylist. "Wait? Who gets their hair done ..." I didn't bother to finish as C had already left the hall. That evening saw for the first time in months the mansion being lit to its magnificent glory. Each room had its lights turned on. My house became the heartbeat of party for one night again- not that it appealed to me at all. Father brought the best of the best; circus attractions, fire breathers, masses upon masses of food and the most luxurious liquor. The crowds came in their multitude. The good and the bad. With every new celebration in Tania came the rioters, the citizens who had to pay for the luxuries of those who in all honesty didn’t deserve it whilst they starved another night. I personally hated the sight of our extravagant parties, but who was I to talk? My team had finished with my makeup and had fitted me in my dress (a dark blue silk hour-glass) .I noted the festivities from my window, there stood some of the leaders of our world ,each pacing around the grandeurs garden where there lay the specially designed cakes , cookies ,salads; Drunk in greed more like. “Why was I born into this family?” I pondered quietly “That one will never know” A voice called out It was Celeste, she leaned against the wide open door, my little sister looking incredible with her Grace Kelly / 1920’s style makeup and attire. She shut the door and walked towards me, “All the money, all the power and for what? He told them 25 years ago that he would be the drive of change that the people needed, he promised her his love forever, he promised justice,” I sighed almost inaudibly before replying, “Well a lot can change in 25 years including people.” “They are coming, you know, they will burn.” Celeste added before heading out again. It was time for my father’s presidential speech. There he was, stood in the center balcony with his signature tweed suit and golden pocket watch with a charming winner’s smile plastered on his face. As he took a sip of his champagne he gestured to his ‘comrades’ his greetings, “Good evening, brothers. It is honestly a great honor to welcome you all and your accomplices to Requa’s 20th Annual Presidential Gathering in which we take the opportunity to unite not just as respectful politicians but as friends!” By this point the crowds within the gardens began to applaud reverently. “But we must not forget the real reasons for us being here tonight,” “Oh here we go.” Celeste whispered in my ear “25 years ago, a war occurred. Officially known as World War 3 but more commonly referenced to as the Eclipse War, people decided that the best way to deal with their annoyance with our governments was to fight and to radicalize our children’s minds whilst at it! Soon with the power of social media, this group became international, this group managed to involve even the wisest of citizens of Britain; this group nearly caused the end of the world as we knew it. Over 56 million people died, a quarter of them gravely injured and in light of that, let us pray for such ones.” The gardens became silent as the many thousands of people immediately bowed own their heads and unanimously prayed in remembrance of the people they helped to kill – not that any of them would admit that of course. After the minute silence, my father took another sip of his champagne before continuing, “It wasn’t easy but your Ministry became stronger because of it. We managed to destroy the heartbeat of that group and repel any ripple effect from those 10 years of horror. Each minister you chose, you chose because you believed we could become the change necessary to guide your country into its former glory and we did. As President Minister of Justice, it has been a great honor to not only oversee the rise of many damaged counties from the aftermath of the Eclipse War but also creating a nation that thrives, a nation that lives up to its motto Ex favilla resurgimus as yes we did rise from the ashes of war and we did become a great country!” They played first The Ministry’s International anthem before playing Requa’s. Me and Cel (amongst all of the mansion’s servants) sang united before clapping at the end of the song. The Ministers were supposed to enter into my father’s boardroom, to talk about the main issues that occurred within the nations. The guests were supposed to stay for another hour or 2 and take pleasure in the entire glorious feast bestowed upon them. But that never happened. Instead of bracing ourselves for the luminous fireworks display prepared to end this show case of an evening, we braced ourselves for another spectacle. “TAKE COVER!” bellowed a guard but the people just laughed his warnings off – probably because 95% of them were drunk and the other ones too ignorant. We at this point were being escorted out of the balcony and into our bedrooms. No one could have foretold the horror that was to be unleashed It was too late. They came in the night, cloaked and masked. Bombs were exploding at every direction, from the skies and on the grounds. All a person could register at that moment were the laments of pain and the cries for help but the Ministers and their guards sat inside deliberately acting ignorant to the situation instead of facing it themselves. Towards the rear of the gardens, I noted a man from D clasping tightly to his 2 year old child, there was no one to help them and what made me even more sick was the fact that no one cared enough to help them even when there stood a masked figure about to shoot. They raised their gun. I closed my eyes in fear and guilt as another 2 innocent lives were about to be lost … but nothing. As I regain the confidence to open my eyes I immediately register my sister standing in between the man, his child and the masked figure with a distressed look on her face; she was shielding them and was prepared to have herself killed because of it. The masked figure turned and was heading the other way. Then turned. One shot. Two shots. Three shots. I dared look again. “Oh dear God.” I managed to muster Before I knew it I was out of the mansion and into the exploding gardens, the masked figure lingered for a moment but I wasn’t having it, I caught up with the figure and punched the life out of them until I expelled some of my fury. An explosion occurred near where I stood and caused me to fly to the ground. She lay limp. “Hey, hey? Wake up! WAKE UP!” I screamed, the pain was ceaseless. They took her body away. And I layed on the tainted grass immobilized.
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