The Assassin's Secret


Such a wonderful thing isn't it?

You know, we do possess a right to live, a right to freewill .

Some choose to use that right for the greater good and choose to abuse it.

We created this world by our actions, we were supposed to be the ones to make a difference ; Our society ended up being worse than the society that began this mess in the first place.
I wanted change, no desired it. Our society was built on desire and secrets , deceit and greed .

I wanted the game to stop.

But it had already begun.


8. Empire

Tobias Bartholomew Ricci’s POV


“Sir, Sir?”

Every decision I made was to protect the Ricci name. I had to do it. She’ll understand. She was becoming more and more rebellious by the moment; I caught her at it again. The look on her damn face when I finally confronted her, disregardful and proud. This being was threatening to destroy everything I’d worked for all these years; I couldn’t just let her get away with it…

“President Ricci, sir? We were discussing how to rid ourselves of the overcrowding in Sectors D and E and the issue with the Sparks regarding their recent riot,”

I turned to my right-hand man Richard Bass who was leading the Ministry’s meeting in our office in Sector B. The room was filled with all 24 members of our International Government and we had all congregated in order to discuss our main issues regarding the welfare of our nations,

“Regarding the so – called ‘Sparks’ it is simple. We wait.” I announced quite simply

I only registered confusion amongst my brothers so I decided to explain,

“If we decided to pounce and destroy every single citizen who even mentions this radicalisation mafia, who would look like the bad guys? What they did last night was unforgivable enough, not to mention the amount of deaths incurred because of it, allowing them to do things like that will give the world a chance to see what really happens when you join a group like that. They are practically playing to our advantage!”

This caused a slight release of tension in the room and allowed everyone to regain focus on our real goal.

“I suggest you all return to your homes and rest, too much has happened in the last few days.”

They left

“Not you, Bass.”

Bass turned around slowly before giving me an almost puzzled look

“Stick to Plan A, it’s not like they are worthy of being here. And Richard,”

“Yes Sir?”

“A shot well fired I must say.”


Aria was perfect. She had a phenomenal and loving aura about her, always prepared to do as told. Daughter of Earl Vincent Vaughn, her past allowed not only financial security but also the right amount of etiquette, respect and submissiveness that I needed in a wife. I was 25 at the time and she was 22. You see, I was a young man looking for power – real power; I thirsted for it, became drunk of it. My brother’s friend was a businessman and so when they held their small business parties, I was always invited. I would put on my best tailored suit (my grandfather’s since our family could hardly afford a brand new one) and head over to the party. It was July 18th 2015; the gathering was fuller than usual, with people from as far as Scotland coming in to seal worthwhile deals. She stood with her friends, laughing & drinking and I immediately fell in love with her sweet laughter. It wasn’t until towards the end of the evening before I finally got to speak to her.

It happened in the great hall. I was sat on the marble staircase waiting for my brother to finish his conversation with another friend of his, Aria was about to leave with her friends (who I suspected to be Canadian) but at the sight of me, she told them to go on. Without word, she decided to sit right beside me (leaving me enough room as not to invade any personal space)

“Scones or Schones (as in a long ‘o’)?” Aria had asked with in a cheery manner, I was completely thrown off by the question as one could imagine

“I guess it depends on who the person was, I say scones.” Was my reply

She looked thoughtful as if weighing her options,

“I guess I could make acquaintances with you but I would need your phone number since you weren’t man enough to ask me for mine!” she had that ability to make you like her even without knowing her

I asked for her hand in marriage 5 years later, and the wedding was traditional but beautiful. I had money, I had respect, and all I needed was the power,

And the Eclipse War made that possible.


I had created a party for the people, sacrificing my own beliefs in order to make ends meet and gain support. Whilst Parliament was busy arguing about whether to start bombing the enemy, I was rallying up more and more followers who agreed with my vision of order and after 10 years of constant fighting among the nations, I was the breath of fresh air to the people of not only Britain but the other countries as well. My proposition as to have a united international Ministry became such a success that within months after the war, I became President Minister Tobias Bartholomew Ricci and had finally an empire in which I could play with.

Aria became a national treasure. Everyone loved her. She, honestly, played her part effectively and for a time I did in fact love her. However my love for her could never compete for my love of my success and instead of being understanding and loving like she was supposed to be, Aria began misbehaving. She would begin to make offhand comments about my ruling, she was becoming more drunk by the minute – it would be a blessing if the girl was sober for once in her life! What’s more she decided to associate again with those people who I’d specifically commanded her not to talk to ever again and wished to consolidate her ‘apparent’ marital issues with that puny slave Fields. She had disrespected the Ricci name one too many times and deserved everything. Her chaotic lifestyle wasn’t going to taint the name of Ricci any more than she had been doing for the longer part. I hated being tried (my girls knew that more than anyone else).

Every decision I made was to protect the Ricci name.      



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