The Assassin's Secret


Such a wonderful thing isn't it?

You know, we do possess a right to live, a right to freewill .

Some choose to use that right for the greater good and choose to abuse it.

We created this world by our actions, we were supposed to be the ones to make a difference ; Our society ended up being worse than the society that began this mess in the first place.
I wanted change, no desired it. Our society was built on desire and secrets , deceit and greed .

I wanted the game to stop.

But it had already begun.


7. Confessions


We are all sinners. Let’s get that out of the way. I for one had caused more chaos in my years than other could imagine. When I was 9 accidentally destroyed half of father’s important paperwork by knocking over his candle that was on the desk in his office space; thing was I did it deliberately. I once snuck into the restricted area in our Library to take a good look at all the banned literature which we were forbidden to ever look or refer to. I can also vaguely remember about a year ago, me and mother and father (my sister was still completing her Politics and Latin examinations) headed over to Sector E for a meeting with the town’s mayor and since this was all being documented by the infamous Mac Miller (Requa most loved HoloScreen host) we were all required to show our uppermost kindness and goodness to the famished people of E (something I had no problem with doing, though my father , even though he had a smile plastered on his face , it were the eyes in which ‘spoke’ the truth). E scarred me for the rest of my life. Everywhere I turned, there were undeveloped grounds, children clearly starving, families living in huts and cardboard boxes – this was the sort of truths that the media wished to omit. My father was well aware of the situation and yet he did nothing, his compassion stopped the minute the cameras stopped rolling.

It happened just as we were about to leave by limousine. During the course of the afternoon, it had been as if someone was watching me, following me, yet I’d turn around and see just the derelict roads. It was finally in the late evening, the sunset came and for the first that day I saw genuine beauty (the pigments of light oranges and the sharp corners of the blues that were about to dominate the skies in order to mark the end of another day) I wondered what it was like, 35 years ago, before the Eclipse wars, before the rise of the Ministry’s new founded dictatorship, what did children worry about? What was it like to have a democracy? Were the poor still as deprived from their rights as they were now?

I told my mother I was heading to the toilets, but in fact I just had to see who was following me, so I headed over to the bushes next to the mayor’s house (practically the only one I’ve seen bar the Prosperous’ own) and began to whisper for whoever it was. Surprisingly enough it was a tiny boy with a brittle stature but big questioning eyes full of wonder and what I detected as hope? He bowed down before me before speaking in an almost inaudible tone,

“Miss Ricci, please don’t punish me but I want to ask question,”

“What is it?”

“Will I see my mama again? She was taken by big men with guns.” The boy asked me, in the hope that I of all people would know the answer

I crouched down and placed my hand on his shoulder, reassuring him I wouldn’t hurt him as he flinched at my touch

“What is your name?” I asked making sure my voice was as soft and welcoming as possible

“Leo. Leo Mwembe” Leo replied

“Well Leo, all I can say is that loved ones always have a way of coming back to us even if we have to wait.”

Leo sighed before kicking the pebbles on the floor in frustration,

“I can’t go to school and I can’t help Sissy stop hurting and I can’t get the spit and other stuff off my clothes.”   

This was a little boy speaking. A little boy who has had to suffer racial discrimination from not just the Prosperous but from my father’s section of the Ministry. This little boy will have to end up living in a saddening cycle that will continue for as long my father reigned.

“Why did you speak to me Leo?”

“Because you are different from others, you are not afraid.”

I hugged him tightly and nearly cried; unfortunately I couldn’t give him anything but my sympathy.

“Please don’t cry Miss Ricci, I know that you will bring hope in this sadness.”

Our moment of understanding was ruined when a member of the Forces spotted me hugging Leo, he told him to scram and clear off; and Leo did hurryingly. The MTF escorted me back to my mother, who dragged me into the vehicle not before coldly whispering in my ear,

“You smell off vermin, get in a bath when you get home will you!”

I just stared at her in disbelief before nodding resentfully.

From that day on, I was determined to help to create hope in this fear- ruled Ministry if it meant for me to die.



I am tainted. Tainted with guilt and with blood. Our foundations are built on secrets, shaky but when maintained, can stay for a long time. I for one have something to tell you, and it isn’t nice at all. Somebody in this house is a murderer, someone in this house is a drunk, someone in this house is a traitor and someone in this house is a criminal. Be careful as to who you trust and who you believe are the heroes in this tale because truth is everyone has a motive.

“Confessions, confessions

Made by transgressors

Each speak a thousand lies

But the eyes show truth”


Authors Note

Every few chapters there will be a Confession Section which will help to unravel a little bit about not only the Ricci Household but about the secrets which have been holding Requa in the hands of the Ministry for years.

Please Comment about what you guys think of the story so far!!!!!

LunaSweet xx




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