The Assassin's Secret


Such a wonderful thing isn't it?

You know, we do possess a right to live, a right to freewill .

Some choose to use that right for the greater good and choose to abuse it.

We created this world by our actions, we were supposed to be the ones to make a difference ; Our society ended up being worse than the society that began this mess in the first place.
I wanted change, no desired it. Our society was built on desire and secrets , deceit and greed .

I wanted the game to stop.

But it had already begun.


3. Aftermath

(Luna Fields' POV) They are coming, they are coming. I was the only person in that room that knew what the message meant. It took one explosion for riot to start within the servant quarters. Our evening consisted of us acting as servants (not that we already were) to the 25 Ministers of Justice and thousands of other famous figures. I’ve sort of gotten used to the sheer annoyance of seeing these people incapable of doing anything themselves, relishing their fame and fortune whilst there are millions of people having to invest their hard- earned cash on them even though they got nothing out it- only extra struggle. There was a time in which I lived in worse conditions than I do now; I guess I should thank God for the fact that I have at least a roof over my head, even if the ones providing it are heartless dictators. I got knocked over by the frenzy that occurred in the room as people became more frantic. Somehow the room became distorted, the sound was muffled. One gunshot. Two gunshots. Three gunshots. *********************** My past had been of nothing but pain. By the time I was a teenager, I became the main provider of food for my family. Anything from rat to dog, if it was dying in the ground we'd eat it but the situation was desperate. At 15 my brother (only 6) died of an incurable disease, a few weeks later my father (an amazing man I must add) committed suicide. Normal had crashed and burned. Sector F was famous for its cruel punishments and quantity of cattle (all of which were owned by the Prosperous), the poorer, less fortunate ones, lived in boxes or under bridges - like a warzone. Despite the amounts of citizens working in the fields and lumber sections, the Ministry simply refused to provide us with enough money to help F. When they were both gone, I ended up crawling around the Prosperous' territory (the Prosperous being the pure ones who lived a rich life). People like me like me were banned unless asked to serve there. I was ready to die. My papa was gone- he was gone the moment mama died- My brother, gone. I couldn't just escape from the Prison (a name for Sector F since no one came in and no one came out); I would probably have been shot on sight by the Forces (our police). So I did what any famished person would do and waited for nature to take its course. I managed to sing some lyrics that papa would sing to me when I was little, one which went like this, In the meadow of dreams peaceful and calm No monster or creature can do one harm If you pray and seek your wish is heard A place, such place, away from the blurred So sweet child remember this song For in the meadow of dreams nothing shall go wrong It was my saviour. That night I dreamt of the meadow, I saw papa - fully able and healthy- my brother less famished and well fed... I saw mama. I woke up to beatings. A well -built, bulky like man was spitting outrage at me whilst his men were whipping me. Yet I was too tired to respond. His wife was tearfully begging him to stop, to help me. It was President Minister Ricci and his wife Aria. Oh how I remember that conversation well. "Please Tobias, have mercy, the poor girl has suffered enough, don’t you think?" Mrs Ricci proclaimed desperately. "ARIA THAT IS ENOUGH!" President Ricci angrily replied, his voice seemingly acid. Mrs Ricci was still as beautiful, with her beautiful curly, auburn hair and companionate green eyes. Mrs Ricci displayed a spirit that wasn't as common for Sector F citizens to witness - kindness. "What is wrong with you? She was lying on the council steps practically dead! What do you want to finish the job or something?" Mrs Ricci exclaimed which resulted in a cold stare from her husband. He quietly dismissed the Forces who were whipping me and said (without looking at his wife) "Girl stand up." So I did. "Normally peasants like you would probably be dead now, but since I am in a reasonable mood, I will let you live - on one condition." he paused as he took a step closer towards me, I shuddered "You are to become a servant in my home, you will do whatever is told of you and you may never object , so if I tell you to jump of a cliff that is what will happen -UNDERSTOOD?" He bellowed the last part causing me to quiver "Yes Sir." He nodded curtly before walking past me towards the exit "Escort this girl to the car and arrange her to get a bath when we return. Aria?" Mrs Ricci gave a curt nod before turning to me with a small smile "Thank you." I whispered with sincere gratitude ********* Later that day, as I came up to meet Mrs Ricci in her office, I heard a slap. Then tears. President Ricci stormed out abruptly leaving a distraught Mrs Ricci silently sobbing in the corner of her room. It wasn't the first time. And it wouldn't be the last. When I woke up, all I heard was sirens. I noted a figure, it was Harper “Harper, what happened?” She walked over towards me and helped me up “Luna… There had been shootings and explosions tonight. I tried to stop her, she just wouldn’t listen.” Harper began to cough and cry loudly, it was only then I noticed how she was practically caked in ashes, the infamous red hair darkened. “Harper, calm down. Breathe, that’s it. Who was it, that ran?” “Celeste! She saw that man of the HoloScreen and his child about to be murdered, murdered I tell you! She, she ran outside amongst the bombings and shootings and stood in between the man and the murderer, I heard 3 shots! Next thing I know ambulances are on the scene! Brianna is still out there screaming!” I managed to prop myself off my best friend and walked towards the small front window, it was worse than I’d feared. There were bodies being carried across to the rows of ambulances, the gardens were completely tarnished covered in ashes, rubble and crimson. I immediately registered the frail girl kneeling down next to an aged willow tree, just watching it. Her father was nowhere to be seen. “H? Where is the PM?” I quietly questioned, my eyes still fixed upon the horror outside. H coughed loudly again before timidly replying, “Last I heard was that he had been taken to a safe house.” A safe house? Without his daughters? What a despicable man. I saw the Forces attempting (but failing) to drag Brianna away from the willow, but she wouldn’t budge. BANG! BANG! Fireworks begin to fire , but they weren’t just any old fireworks, It was a sign, a sign of accepting responsibility for the damages A phoenix .
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