Bully // m.c

“Your innocence makes me bully you”


3. T w o




Evelyn's P.O.V



my hands are sweaty and I feel that I could faint any minute now, my head is spinning as I stare at Michael in shock and defeat.


''what do you mean Michael?'' I asked.


''we can't be friends anymore Eve'' ouch, how that stung. ''I'm sorry but that's for the best''


''I can't understand'' I mumbled and gathered my things quickly before exiting his room, a few tears slipping down my face, how could he do that? he promised that he'd always be there, that he'd always be my friend


and he broke his promise.






''watch where you're going you stupid bitch'' I flinched back and fell as my body collided with Maria, the leader of the school's cheerleaders, she threw a disgusted look in my direction and scoffed and walked away leaving me on the floor, gathering my things that fell down and scattered on the floor.


''can I help?'' I looked up to see a boy with dirty blond hair that was styled in curls, stretching his hand towards me, I took it gratefully and smiled a little, he gathered the remaining of my stuff and handed them to me and position his glasses.


''I'm Ashton by the way'' he smiled and shook my hand.


''I'm Evelyn''


''nice name'' this time he smiled so big and his dimples dug deep in his cheeks.




no, no , no


not now


fuck my life.


Ashton looked behind him to the source of sound and there was Michael standing there, with a smirk on his face.

''why are you late, we were waiting for you in the parking lot''

what the hell?


''I guess I'll see you later Evelyn'' Ashton smiled and waved before leaving.

Michael walked closer to me and I looked at the floor and cursed under my breath.


''who was that guy?'' he asked. when I didn't reply, he punched my shoulder with his fist. I whimpered,


''A-Ashton'' I mumbled.


'' he probably doesn't know that you're so pathetic'' he scoffed and I looked down again.

I was going to walk away but he pulled my hair back and walked in the direction of the school's exit.

it was empty because all of the students already left.


he pushed me on the stairs by my hair and I feel tumbling down the 5 steps made of concrete.


''goodbye Eve'' he smirked before leaving.


tears were running down my face from the pain, it hurt so bad.

I stood up slowly and started walking home, crying silently, thinking what did I ever do to deserve this.

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