Romina, Sirena, Azzura, Issy & Oli. 5 girls who are sick of their average lives. What will become of them? (Rated yellow for cursing) credits to @romina_watkins @sirenaawatkins @azzurawatkins and @isabelmdavies on twitter


1. Romina

"MAYBE I COULD SWIM INTO YOUR THOUGHTS LIKE YOUR DRUGS DO..." Screamed the iPhone that lay on my bedside cabinet.

I grabbed my phone, only to see it was 9:30am. I suddenly flashed back to yesterday, I had invited Oli out to town!

"Crap! SI, AZZ, WAKE UP!" I called to my sisters from the next room.

I quickly hopped out of bed and threw on the cutest clothes I could find. I eventually picked out my blue 'As It Is' shirt, a black skirt and my panda leggings. Oli liked those.

I combed her hair into her cute little pigtails, with my big stripe of blue trailing down from my fringe to the end of my right pigtail.

I quickly applied some eyeliner and I was downstairs in a flash.

"Ooh, you're looking cute! You excited to see Oli again?" Laughed Azzura, suggestively raising an eyebrow.

Yeah, I was. I maybe liked Oli, like, maybe a lot. But I would never let any of the girls know. I'm not even sure if I'm lesbian or not.

"Shut up." She said, nudging Azzura in the ribcage. Azzura was 15, but she sure knew a lot about the relationship crap that happens everywhere.

"I'm excited." Said sirena, "Oli's a nice girl. She said I was good at guitar."

Si looked proud of herself. She loved it when people complimented her skills.

Suddenly my phone buzzed. It was a text from Oli.

Oli: hey ! You ready yet? (insert happy cat emoji here)

I quickly replied that they were all ready and were heading out the door soon.

"Guys, I just told Oli we're leaving now so get in the car!"

"SHOTGUN!" Called Azzura from behind me as we exited the house.

"Cool, cause I'm picking the music!" I called back.

"Not fair, you had it last time!" Argued Azzura.

"You had shotgun last time!" I argued back.

"ENOUGH!" Azz, you called it first, you get shotgun again. Ro, go and get a cd from the house. Just remember that you're both in the back and my music's on for the next 2 days."

Sirena settled the score, scaring us as she did so.

I ran back in and looked through my cd box, eventually settling on Selfish Machines by PTV.

I ran back out waving the cd at Si.

"Nice, in it goes then!" Clapped sirena.

"That's what she said" Azzura giggled. Sirena smacked her over the back of the head.

The first track started playing and I immediately felt happier. We all took it in turns screaming the lyrics, in order.



"SYPHONIES WITH NO WORDS..." I continued, then eventually singing the whole album before we finally parked outside the mall...

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