Their The Boys Next Door

Have you ever wondered what it feels like when you live by a famous boy band?


2. Meeting The New Neighbors

Brianna’s P.O.V.

Okay so this week I got new neighbors. I have not meet them yet but I am planning on inviting them and my friends over tonight. I know they are around my age so we probably get along with each other.


3 Hours Later:

I am going to be wearing a red short strapless dress. I straightened my hair then braided some of it and put on some eyeliner and mascara. The girls and my neighbors should be here soon.

***Skip To The Part A Minute Before They Get Here***

I just got a call from the girl saying they should be here any minute. ***Knock***

I went to answer the door and you would not believe who knocked on the door.

“Hi can I help you?” I asked them.

“Um yeah, are you Brianna Smith’’ The boy with the lip ring asked me.

“Yeah I am, why might you be asking?” I asked them.

“You did invite us over didn’t you?” they asked me.


“Yeah we are, can we come in its getting cold out here?” the guy with red hair asked

“Ummm, Yeah come in I just have to call someone” I said.

“Ok” they all said.


“Hello Brianna” I heard Taylor say.

“Hi Taylor you probably want to get over here right now” I said

“Why” she asked.

“Just get over here as fast as you can” i said.

“OK I will be there in 5 minutes” she said


“Sorry about that guys” I said walking back down stairs

“It’s okay” I think it was ashton that said that.

“Who wants to play a game” I asked.

“What game” They asked.

“Truth or Dare” I said.

“I do” They all said.

“Well I will start” I said. “ First of all what are your guys names”

“My name is Luke” The guy with the lip piercing said.

“My name is Ashton” The guy with the bandana said.

“My name is Michael” The guy with the red hair said.

“My name is Calum” The last guy said.


“Ok Luke Truth or Dare” I asked.

“Dare” He said.

“I dare you to take off your shirt and go shirtless the rest of the night” I said.

“Ok” He said. He did what I told him do. “My turn now”

“Okay” I said.

“Brianna Truth or Dare” He asked

“Truth” I said.

“Okay ummm do you like anybody in this room” He asked.

“Maybe” I said.

“Is that a good thing or bad thing” Luke asked

“Probably” I said to luke with a wink


All of a sudden me and the boys jumped to the door opening.

“Follow me guys” I said to the boys as I was getting up to open the basement door.

“ok” they said.

“Can you guys hide down here so I can surprise my friends” I asked them.

They just nodded and went down stairs.


“Hi guys” I said to the girls.

“Why did you want us over here so early” Taylor asked.

“I have a surprise for you guys” I said to them going over to the basement door. “Follow Me”


They followed me downstairs.

“Ok girls for you start screaming I want to introduce you to my new neighbors” They just nodded.

“Ok this is Luke” I said pointing to Luke. Luke Smiled and winked at me and I just smiled back.

“This is Calum” I said pointing to Calum. He just smiled and I smiled back at him.

“This is Ashton” I said while pointing at Ashton.

“And This is Michael” I said pointing to Michael”


“Omg God I can not believe that 5SOS is your neighbor” Hunter said.

“I know right I could not believe it either” I said



This one is longer than the other chapter but I hope you like it. A big thanks to Cori-Jo99 for liking and favoriting my book. Sorry but I had to leave you guys at a cliff hanger

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