Korean One Shots

I don't think are many one- shot books about kpop here, so why don't I have a go at it.

Of course you are not limited to a kpop start, you may choose ANY celebrity you wish :)

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3. L.Joe- Teen Top

“Pftt, loser.” A laugh escaped your lips as you watched Chanhee run stupidly away from your locker. He had dropped something—a strip of paper, it looked like into the locker through the vents,why are the vents even there? No one would be stupid enough to actually shut themselves in then your recalled the time you had done that, but you had valid reasons so it didn’t count, it was your friend’s birthday, and your friends had shoved you in with hopes that you would jump out and scare the birthday girl. Whether it worked or not, you couldn’t remember.

           “Happy birthday!” an ecstatic voice woke you from your thoughts, turning to your right, you saw Niel drape his arm over your shoulder. Ducking from under his arm you smiled.

           “Thanks.” You held your books to your chest, then remembered Chanhee, “Hey are you part of the reason that Chanhee put a note in my locker.” At Niel’s shocked expression you raised an eyebrow, “What are you guys doing?”

           “I don’t know, maybe it’s a love note or something.” Niel shrugged then reverted his face back to normal, “Let’s go see.” He took your hand and pulled you along to your locker.

           “He has a girlfriend…” The thought of him in love with you didn’t rest well, you guys were close friends and never had you thought of him that way, it was nearly vile and disgusting.

           “Yeah, a crappy one at that, she’s a witch.” Niel rolled his eyes, “He can’t even see he’s being played, we should break them up.”

           “As much as I agree with your thoughts on her, he clearly likes her, and we can’t hurt him.” Smiling sadly you remembered how terrible his girlfriend was. Niel stopped right in front of your locker and gazed at you with a stone cold look.

           “He’s one of my best friends, I won’t let him be hurt by that demon.” He ran a hand through his messy dyed violet hair.

           “We have to do it in a way, that won’t hurt him.” He nodded, you pulled your hand away and undid the lock on the locker. “By the way, where is Byunghun?” A slight blush settled on your cheeks and your heart sped up a notch as you said his name, though it disappeared as soon as you remembered the look of annoyance on his face every time your eyes met in the hallways. The way he would look away and dash out of your sight.

           “Oh uhh,” Niel scratched the back of his head awkwardly, oblivious to the change of shade on your cheeks. “He’s been a bit busy lately.”

           “He’s been meeting with all of you, why is he only avoiding me?” The sharpness on your tongue and the glare you couldn’t help. It was true you saw him laughing with his group at lunch, but the minute you walked up he froze like a deer caught in headlights and ran away. “Is he mad at me?” Volume dropping, you looked away. The pang in your chest only got sharper as Niel put his arm around your shoulder.

“No, just open your locker.” Nodding though still upset, you pulled open you locker, and shoved your book in and pulled out the ones you needed: biology, history and your math text book. Glaring your math textbook why does math have to be so annoying and complicating, stupid numbers you were about to close the door, when Niel sighed and pulled out the note Chanhee had stuffed in your locker.

“You’re forgetting the important part.” Niel glared at you.

“Why are you so fascinated by this, I know you’re a part of it all.” You shoved all your books into your right arm and plucked out the note, with your left.

“Now, why would I do that, I have a present for you.”  The mischievous glint in his eyes and the smirk on his fish lips lead you to believe he was planning something stupid yet you still closed your eyes as he said, “It’s a secret, I’ll give it when you shut your eyes.” The second you did, you felt him grab your shoulders in an unbreakable grip. “Keep them closed.” His voice was a whisper near your ear.

Truth be told you were terrified as he touched you, but he was your friend and he wouldn’t do something stupid…right? Or that’s what you thought anyway, because then you felt something soft and warm on your cheek. It was a simply quick peck, but still you felt the need to rip his hair out, you pushed him away and glared at him as hard as you could. “That was a terrible gift!”

“I had fun.” He turned and left, with a wink.

“Ahh stupid!” you yelled after him, but he didn’t hear. “Whatever, I’m gonna be late for math.” As you turned to close your locker your eye locked onto Byunghun. He wore nothing on his face, but the cold look in his eyes was directed at you. You opened your mouth to say something, but briskly he turned ad fled. “Fantastic… what a marvellous birthday I’m having.” Your anger was taken out on the locker, as you slammed it as hard as you could.

“The locker has nothing to do with your birthday.” A new, familiar voice came from your left, and you sifted to see. Beside each other stood Jonghyun and Changhyun. It was Changhyun that had spoken. He was smiling, but it was a devious sort of smiling, making you wonder whether he knew why you were abusing your locker.

“You’ll be in trouble if you break it…” Jonghyun leaned against your locker, and pretend to pet it. “Don’t worry, she didn’t mean it.” He cooed softly to it, as though it were baby.

“We’re going to be late, let’s go.” You pushed them apart, making way to math.

For now the note was forgotten.


“Hey what’s that paper thing in your pocket?” Somyung’s hand dashed out and grabbed the note that you had stuffed in your pocket. You slapped her wrist and she to it back, with an “ow”

“I don’t know, found it in my locker.” You shrugged and set it on the lunch table, continuing to shove your rice into mouth.

“What if it’s a love note!” her eyes grew wide with wonder, and she leaned back, her hand covering her mouth, “Oh my god that’s so cute! Ugh guys don’t do that anymore, they’re so stupid now! Why couldn’t they be like in the movie, ya know those super cute and adorable ones that get all shy and flustered. Flower boys, ya know!”  Rolling your eyes at her squealing, you continue to stare at the note, only then you noticed the small red hearts, doodled on the one corner, all the hearts were connected by a pink ribbon, the decorated the corner.

“Open it.” Somyung nudged you.

You hesitantly picked up the note, clearly it was a love note, and Somyung was right, guys didn’t do this stuff anymore, which defiantly made it cuter then it should have been. You undid the folds and stared at it, before actually reading it. The four corners were once again decorated with the pattern of the hearts and ribbons, thought this time, the hearts were a shade pink and the ribbon was red. The red thread of fate, the story of the Asian myth came to your mind, and you smiled to yourself remembering it.

Then you began to read the note.

Aren’t you hungry?

Wanna go get something to eat?

It’s alright if you don’t want to

Let’s just get a cup of coffee and talk

I’ll go to your house or you can come here

I’ll buy everything

If you hesitated for a little baby girl

Just come out, I’m actually already in front of your house


You, baby, are beautiful, baby in my eyes

I miss you, I can’t even sleep

You, baby, you excite me, baby in my heart

I’ll be honest, I wanna be with you

From morning to morning, just us two

Don’t go anywhere, baby

You, baby, are beautiful, baby in my eyes

Your eyes lingered on the words, long after you had read them. It doesn’t make enough sense for it to be a paragraph… is it a song? Turning the paper around, you wondered whether there was something you had forgotten to see, like the roses. “Nothing…” you said to yourself.

“What nothing.” Somyung tore the paper from you hand and scanned it quickly. After so she stared into your eyes, her;s only clouded with excitement. “Oh my god, it’s a love song!” she gushed, gripping your shoulders. “Who do you think it is?” She shook you, grinning to herself  like the fool she was. “Which guys in our schools write songs?” She then began muttering to herself, listing off guys that in her eyes wrote love songs.

Completely ignoring her, you said, “Niel and Chanhee are involved.”

She stopped moving, as still as a possum playing dead. “Do you think they love you? Both guys!” She gushed staring in wonderment. “Who do you pick? They both look like girls, but  think Chanhee’s better.” 

“That’s not what I meant, and ew neither of them.” Your thoughts drifted back to the stupid kiss Niel had given you. “Niel pays attention to no girl, unless she is somehow connected to his little group, and Chanhee has a girlfriend.”

“A stupid one.” She said while rolling her eyes, annoyed.

“Either way…”

“Fine, what about their friends, if those two are involved then so are the rest. Could it be… Jonghyun?”

“No he likes a girl from his music class.”


“No, he doesn’t like anyone.”

“Min Soo?”

“He has a girlfriend.” You rolled your eyes, actually though this girl could be so dumb sometimes.

“Who else is left… Lee Byunghun!” Heat flood your cheek as she yelled his name, “It’s him! Oh my god he ;likes you!” She grinned. Though the thought did make your head spin and your heart  to beat several times faster, the numbers didn’t add up, if he liked you, why would he give you such nasty looks.

“No I don’t think it’s him…” you shook your head, wishing desperately that the annoyed and hurt thought would just leave.

“I think it is.” She grinned, with a wink. “We have art next, let's go to our lockers.” Pulling you by your arm she dragged you away your head still lost in the midst of your thoughts.


In your locker you found another note, on the corner of this note, there were flowers, entangled with in the same ribbon. Is it a  continuation of the song? You wondered to yourself, staring the piece of paper, afraid to open it.

           “Open it, who know it could be the end of the song! You admirer revealed.” Somyung pleaded, reaching for your note herself. As much as you wanted to open it and see who the mystery person was, you were going to be late.

           “Who has an admirer?” A deep voice came behind the two of you and you both turned around so quickly, it hurt.

           “Oh, it’s you. Hello, Min Soo.” You sighed, and the older boy smiled at you, his teeth showing.

           “Happy birthday.” He placed his right hand on your hair, and ruffled it slightly, as though you were a child. “Now what’s this about an admirer” he asked while taking his hand away.

           “She got a love song from an admirer! Do you perhaps know who it is?” Somyung raised an eyebrow smirking.

           Min Soo shook his head, making his dyed copper hair fall into his eyes. (*dead*) “No, I don’t know anything about a note or a love song… I don’t sing… I rap, it’s differed.” He reasoned, his smile gone, instead replaced with a blank look.

           “Right…” Somyung droned, watching him. You shook your head, he was lying, you weren't stupid, but now was now the time for an interrogation.

           “After school I promise to open the next note, now lets go.” Without a second look you shut your locker, and dragged Somyung away. Leaving the note inside, along with a slightly smirking Min Soo, who held his hand up in a farewell gesture.


           “Okay, school’s over open it!” Somyung, paced at your locker, fed up with you walking extra slow, just to annoy her. “I swear I will destroy this lock to get the note, open it!” She angrily grabbed your hand and pulled you forward.

           The note was just were you had left it, the dumb paper was still surrounded by the aura of mystery and surprise. Like before, you hesitantly reached for it, opening it just as slow.


Girl I want you for a whole day

Will you tell me, OK

Feels like everything has frozen but us

Let’s play just us two

You, baby, are beautiful, baby in my eyes

I miss you, I can’t even sleep

You, baby, you excite me, baby in my heart

I’ll be honest, I wanna be with you

From morning to morning, just us two

Don’t go anywhere, baby

You, baby, are beautiful, baby in my eyes

Would you like to hear the whole thing? ♪ ♫ ♬

Come to the gymnasium after school 

Upon reading, your eyes widened and despite not knowing who it was you grinned. “Somyung, let’s go to the gym!” You turned to her, with a wide smiled, she grinned back just the same. Together to dashed to the gym, beyond excited at who it could be.

As you pushed the giant door of the gym opened, the lights shut off. A sudden yelp escaped you and your cheeks burned, embarrassed you had made such a stupid sound, thankful no could see the shade of red in the dark. It was pitch back in the gym, and blindly you tried to walk, using your hands for support.

You were just about to call to Somyung when a voices you knew very well began to sing. His voice was soft, and hypnotising.


I just called you because I was wondering what you’re doing

I don’t have anything to say, maybe I miss you

I don’t know about you but I’m thinking of you

           As the song continued, you began to recognise the vices, and shocked you came to a realization, despite being friends with them so long you had never heard them sing before. Truly they were amazing. There voice fit perfectly with each others and despite the lyric being sort of embarrassing, it was very sweet and you blushed realizing the song was meant for you.

“They are so good…” Somyung said, her voice rich with wonder and amazement. “But really I like your butt? That’s just weird.” You could pretty much hear the embarrassment and eye roll in her voice. “Changhyun… I was thinking he was a innocent child…”

           You giggled at her comment, then shushed her, wantin to fall deeper and deeper in the trace you were being pulled into at the moment as they sang.

From morning to morning, just us two

Don’t go anywhere, baby

You, baby, are beautiful, baby in my eyes

As the song came to an end, the light opened up, and the gym got so bright, you let out a slight scream and shut your eyes, as they had forgotten how bright light could actually be.

When they chose to opened up again, you squinted at the sight of the six guys all holding microphones, there head all transfixed on you, probably waiting your approval on the song.

Not knowing what to say, you awkwardly clapped your hands, doing your best to avoid eye contact with any of them, most especially Lee Byunghun.

Granted, that wasn't the best idea as you dejectedly heard him mutter, “Did you not like it? I’m sorry I can perform something el-”

You cut his off with your rushed words: “No! that’s not it! I’m just really surprised, I mean no one has ever sang something to me before. And the song was amazing.” You turned to where Somyung was standing, and whispered. “A little pervy, but not bad.” But apparently the guys had heard, as Niel and Changhyun giggled, and Byunghun burned to the tip of his ears.

“I didn’t add that part.” He mumbled, causing you that laugh. As you were reeling in with laughter, you didn’t notice Byunghun walk towards you, until he was mere inches away.

“You clearly know what I want now?” His voice was now an octave lower, and but a whisper. Blushing at his proximity and the tone of his voice, you nodded. “Can I have what I want?” The voice rising as he came to the end of the question.

Once again you nodded. And before anyone could utter a single word, he captured your lips in a warm embrace with his own. It was a quick kiss, fleeting like Niel’s, but unlike Niel’s, this one wasn’t unwelcome.

As he pulled away, you both stared into the others eyes, lost in a cliché moment, until Niel ran to you, and once again claimed your shoulder with his arm.

“I lied.” He said grinning, you raised your eyes, not know what he had lied about. “The present. That meaningless kiss wasn't your present, it was just to annoy Byunghun, over here.”

That explained the anger look on his face, as he watched you. A loud “Oww!” broke your thought and you turned to see that Byunghun and smacked Niel’s shoulder. Who was now clutching it, whimpering in pain.

“You deserve it, jerk.” Byunghun gared.

“It was worth it.” Niel grinned. “Anyways, this is your real present, because I’m not like theses chepos.” He pulled out two black slips of paper, he held them out to you, and hesitantly you took them out of his hand. The slips of paper were tickets. “There at ticket to the upcoming concert for that boy group…” he scratched the back of his head. “Uhh what were they.” While he thought you glanced down at the tickets and read the three blco letter


Eyes widening you screamed, and turned to Somuyng, “BTS tickets! Oh my god come with me!” You yelled, and the two of you began to  jump up and down, like a crazed fool.

“Yeah, BTS.” Niel watched you smiling, “I take it you’re pleased?” you turned to him and nodded.

“Yes! Oh my god! Yes!” You hugged him quickly, and tried your best to calm down, but you really couldn't wait to see you all time favourite group.

Byunghun pulled you away from Niel’s arms into his own. “Don’t be so happy over other men.” He said, the upset tone in his voice was unmistakable and suddenly you felt embarrassed, you should have been expressing your happiness more at getting the guy you had been crushing on, then spazzing of a group you liked.

“I’m sorry.” You whispered, your face burning.

“Make it up to me.” He looked at you, shy hope in his eyes. Red as cherry you quickly leaned forward and gave him a peck on the lips. Short but the passion was unmistakable. “That will do for now then.” He smiled, “Happy birthday!”

“Thanks” You whispered still staring into his eyes, then realizing you were just as entangled in his gaze as the flowers within the ribbon.

La Fin


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