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I don't think are many one- shot books about kpop here, so why don't I have a go at it.

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2. Jimin- Bangtan Boys

He sat laughing hysterically on the chair, tears brimming his dark eyes, surrounded by his group mates. He gripped the arm of the chair, and doubled over with laughter, harder, louder than before, oblivious to their stares. Oblivious to the concerned thoughts being thrown his way.

           “Jimin- hyung…you okay?” Jeon Jungkook questioned, worry caking his soft fair features. “Jimin- hyung, what are you thinking?” Slowly and hesitantly he rose from the floor and made his way to the boy clutching himself, in attempt to not fall off his chair.

           “I-I was thinking of this one time where we went on a date to the amusement park.” He said, his face red as a pomegranate. “We had lunch there and while we were eating, she got some of it on the corner of her mouth, and later asked me if anything was left, but I told her no. And for the rest of the day she stayed like that! Oh my god you should have seen her face, when she found out!” And again he cried with laughter.

    And once again he was talking about his girlfriend, despite the members loving her, they were completely and utterly tired of hear about her. She’s amazing, but staring at the same flower for hours only makes it seem dull.

           Yoongi opened his mouth, probably to complain that, that wasn’t coming to die laughing over, but a sharp look from Namjoon shut him right up.

           “Yoongi, don’t say anything. Not now.” He whispered quietly into the blonds pierced ears. Yongi turned to face Namjoon with a small smile.

           “O-oh, that’s lovely.” Jungkook said attempting a smile to the boy sitting alone in his chair, not realizing what was being said about him, lost to the world locked within a chamber of past memories.

           “Want to know another story.” Despite the fact that truly no one wanted to know another story, no one wanted to hurt the Busan dancer, so slowly they nodded, causing the ecstatic dancer to break into a grin.

           “Once there was the forest, she thought it was very pretty from the outside so she wished to go inside, but the thing was that the forest was closed to the public. I tried to tell her there will be other forest to explore, but her heart was set on this one.” His eyes held a faraway look, causing to other member to look at each other. He was lost and they so desperately wanted to find him, but no one knew how. “So one day we were planning a date and she proposed that we sneak out to the forest and guess what?” He looked up from his twiddling finger, into the concerned eyes of his members.

           “What Jimin?” Namjoon probed him to continue, smiling at the boy.

           With the faraway look and the lost smile Jimim continued, “I couldn’t bare to tell her no, so we snuck in.” He once again started giggling to himself quietly.

           “He’s gone crazy.” Yoongi muttered to no one.

           “Shut up, he’s not deaf.” Jungkook glared at him. “He’ll get better, let him live his happiness.”

           “Jungkook-ie…” Yoongi reason, not knowing how to continue. Sighing, he got up and walked towards the dark haired boy in the chair. “Jimin, do you wanna eat something? You look thin theses days.”

           Jimin looked at him, smiling slightly. “She likes Jin- hyungs kimchi fried rice, could he make that?” Looking away from the distressed blond, Jimin turned to the brunette boy in the background, who only stared back not saying a word.

           Sighing, Yoongi spoke, “Of course, Jin.” He motioned the boy, and together they left the room making way for the kitchen.

           While the two made Jimin lunch in the kitchen, the dark hair boy continued to tell the rest of his members tales of his lover. The members, like robots smiled when they thought it would make his happy, and laughed when they believed it was right the right time.

           “Ahh she was so cute when we watched the horror movie, when she got scared instead of hold me, she began to hit me.” He sighed, and absentmindedly began to rub his shoulder as if the pain orf being hit was still there.

           As he did so, Jungkook turned to their leader, who was looking away into the kitchen, disturbed and tired of all the stories being told, “Maybe I should go help Suga- hyung and Jin- hyung…” He was about to get up and leave, when Jungkook pulled him back down, glaring the life out of him.

           “That’s enough, all he ever does is talk about his girlfriend! Tell him to give it a rest, I’m starting to know things about her, I don’t need to know!” The maknae hissed, accidently spitting on the leader's face, “Ahh, I’m sorry!”

           Namjoon pushed him away disgustedly and wiped his face, “Get your dirty water away from me.”

           Jungkook, tired of Jimin’s stories decided that he need some fun for himself, so he moved closer to the rapper who was still staring toward kitchen wanting to leave. Once Jungkook got close enough he spit on Namjoon's face entirely.

           The leader turned around and slowly his neutral face turned into a glare and he grinned wickedly at the singer who was laughing at him. He slowly stalked toward Jungkook, like a predator closing in on his prey. The poor boy noticed too late and before he could do anything the predator was jumping on his, claws, fangs and all.

           Namjoon sat square on Jungkook’s face, knowing well that this rendered him incapable of breathing. “Keep an extra close watch on your phone tonight.” He whispered.

           Taehyung, who was uncharacteristically quiet, and Hoseok, who was busy with his head buried into a pile of paper, probably of lyrics, began to quite loudly laugh watching the scene. Harder when they saw their youngest member squirm trying to get his head out from under Namjoon’s butt.

           “Aww Kookie, Leader Mon’s butt can’t be that bad.” Taehyung giggled clutching his sides.

           “Then switch places with me V- hyung.” Jungkook tried his best to speak and push Namjoon away, but at this moment he felt like the Zazu from The Lion King while all the animal sat on him.

           The happy, normal atmosphere broke when Jimin spoke. “What’s so funny?”

           All the members shut up and looked at each other, begging the other to speak with their eyes. Jungkook who couldn’t speak grinned, pleased that he wouldn’t be the reason Jimin brought on another story of his girlfriend. The smile, though disappeared when he realized why he couldn’t speak. He rolled his eyes, think of their weird fangirls, know that some of them, for whatever reason, would love to switch places with him. Weidos… Rap Monster- hyung’s butt wasn’t all that great, and this position was weird.

           “J-Jungkook spit on my face and I said, ‘Get your dirty water away from me.’ Like Hoseok did when we went to America, and you spit on him accidentally.” Namjoon’s voice was merely a whisper, slowly he began to get up offJungkook. He was nearly away, when the boy pulled him back down.

           Namjoon looked at him, with a raised eyebrow. “I don’t want to talk, this is the only way I won’t have to.” He reasoned, it was stupid, but either way Namjoon made himself comfortable.

           “She did that one,” And as they all expected, Jimin broke into another story about his girlfriend.

           He kept on talk, and talking annoying the four member that where in the room, but no one knew how to shut him up.

           Thankfully Yoongi and Jin soon entered the room. They both briefly glanced down at Namjoon and Jungkook. Yoongi was too annoyed to laugh, but Jin broke into a smile and went to sit besides Namjoon,and play with Jungkook's hair.

           Yoongi ignored his kitchen partner and glared at all the members, he eyes silently asked them all the same question, why didn’t you shut him up? He let out a tired sigh. He opened his mouth to speak to Jimin and let the cat out of the bag, “Jungkook do you want a cat for your birthday?” Despite desperately wanted to tell Jimin off, he didn’t wish to hurt one of his best friends, didn’t want to kill the dancer’s happiness.

           Jungkook, not knowing what any of the member’s faces looked like, as his own was pressed into Namjoon, let out an excited, “Yes!”

           The members smiled at the youngsters outburst, but it was short lived as Jimin started a story about how his girlfriend really wanted a siamese cat for her birthday. Despite not wanting to Yoongi knew he had to speak, as they others wouldn’t.

           “Jimin?” He said, his voice a whisper, barely louder than a mouse’s.

           Jimin turned to him, still grinning like a crazy fool. “Yes Suga- hyung?”

           “She’s… gone.” Yoongi watched the dancers face change, his stupid smile drop to a frown, deeper than the ocean, more heart breaking than watching the one you love, love someone else, more hurtful, than a kick to the gut. Taking a deep breath, he continued, “She’s been gone for a year.”

           Jimin began to shake his head slowly, tears on the very of a waterfall, “N-no! She’s here, she wouldn’t leave!” His voice was a wail desperate and broken, “She promised she wouldn't! She told me that she would stay with me forever!” He shot off his chair and gripped Yoongi, Earning a gasp from him. His arms, weak like flowers began to shake Yoongi, “She’s not gone! We have a date next week! Go get a girlfriend and bring her along, I’ll show she not gone!” By now his voice was weaker, soft and more desperate. Like he knew the truth but didn’t want to make it real. “She promised…” tear streamed down his cheek, but he didn’t do anything for he had no strength left, not even to clean his face, not enough to hold on to Yoongi. He slid down to the floor, beaten.

           Yoongi stared at the crushed boy, clutching his tear and snot ridden face and his shirt, wailing desperately for someone who wouldn’t come back. Crying loud enough for all of Asia to hear for someone who couldn’t comeback.

Finally the rapper had, had enough, he looked away from the boy who greatly resembled an angel who had fallen from the heavens on another’s account, his feather ripped off. A angel begging to be returned to where he loved the most, but knew he wouldn’t be allowed, as wings as beautiful and strong as those taken for him would never grow back. And if they did, they would be broken and bent, incapable of letting him fly home.

           “She didn’t want to leave, Jimin.” Yoongi whispered, tears were welling up in his own eyes. He understood his best friends pain, but unlike his best friend he had learned to move on, and keep the memories of his love locked in a chest buried deep within his heart, the map, no where to be found. Watching Jimin cry brought up the the memory of someone he loved so dearly leaving him alone, and helpless, at the time he needed her the most, but unlike Jimin’s love, his had a choice.  “It- It wasn't her fault.”

           Namjoon finally decided to get off of Jungkook, and the boy let him. He softly made his way to the fallen angel. “She’s only gone if you let her go.” The boy didn't reply. “She’s alive in your heart, don’t let her die in vain.” Namjoon was too scared to touch the fragile boy, scared that if he touched the already broken thing, barely held together already, would crumble to even more pieces, as things often did around the God of Destruction.    

           “Keep her alive in your heart, but don’t worry others.” Jin who had kept quiet through all of this finally spoke, though he didn’t move.

           “She wouldn’t want you to be like this, you know that.” Jungkook spoke, attempting a small smile. “Hyung, my face smells like your butt now.” He attempted to lighten the mood, but no one paid any attention.

           “If she loved you, she would only want your happiness, nothing else.” Taehyung offered from where he was sitting.

           “She did love you, imagine how hard it must have been for her, sitting in the white bed knowing she would have to leave the one man she knew loved her more than anything else. She wants you to remember her, but not worship her like you do now, she needs you to be strong for other people, who also miss her.” Hoseok walked toward Jimin and pulled him off the floor into his arms.

           Jimin clung to him, his cries now softer. Hoseok rubbed his back, in attempt to calm him down. After a few minutes of silence from everyone, Jimin took a deep breath and said, his voice breaking,and tears still streaming:

           “She’s gone, and she won’t come back. I know I won’t find anyone like her, but right now, your right. I need to show people I can be strong, I need to depend on those around me. I have you guys and our fans. She’s gone, but as time passes I’ll be okay.”

Everything was quiet for a minute, before Jungkook ran and enveloped Jimin in a hug, “Yeah hyung, we’ve got your back!” Jimin attempted a smile and embraced the boy. Then broke away, quite disgustedly.

           “Your face really does smell like Rap Monster- hyung’s butt, go take a shower.” Jungkook blushed to the tip of his ears, and let go of boy who resembled the fallen angel attempting find a life on the mortal away from his home. As he walked away he glared at Namjoon who was purposefully looking anywhere but him.

           Jimin walked towards Yoongi and smiled at him, “Thank you,” he whispered. The blond turned to him, and smiled back, all traces of tears gone.

           “Welcome back, now about your rice-“

           “I want to eat out.”

           Yoongi smiled, “Good because we don’t have rice left.”

           After Jungkook had taken his much needed shower and found a way to keep his phone on him at all times, the seven members got dressed and went to eat out.


           It was night at 12 am, and Jimin couldn’t sleep, he got out of bed and made him way to the bathroom. In the bathroom he starred in the mirror. His dreams were plagued with nightmares of his dead girlfriend. He took a deep breath and said to himself:

           “She’s gone, I’ll never forget. But I need to forgive her for leaving me, because I can’t bothers those around me, and I can’t hurt myself more than I already have. She’s gone, and one day she’ll be nothing but a past memory. I’ll never forget her, but I need to move on. She can’t be beside me, because she gone. She’s been gone for a while.”

La Fin


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