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I don't think are many one- shot books about kpop here, so why don't I have a go at it.

Of course you are not limited to a kpop start, you may choose ANY celebrity you wish :)

Rules to request a story are inside.


4. Chen- EXO

Thanks for requesting, I just went with second person, so (Y/N) means your name




EXO has a concert today.” Black Paper Mate ink on a yellow Stick It note, set on the broken wooden bedside table. The writing was messy and nearly illegible, clearly written in haste. The note was nothing special, yet it pulled at your heart. Quite painfully. The simple yellow paper wanted to make you break down into a fit of tears. Maybe it was because this was your first birthday that you had not spent with him at your side smiling and pulling pranks on guests. Maybe because you had extra hopes that this birthday would be the best. Or were you finally fed up with this relationship that was headed nowhere? Dating a celebrity brought more pain then it did happiness, thanks to the secrets and lies that must be kept. Your parents could never keep their mouths shut, hence why you hadn’t even told them.

“Childish.” You repeated the word over and over again until it felt alien. To the point you couldn’t comprehend weather it was a word or not. “I can’t interfere with his career.” Still you wanted to. You wanted to barge into the office of the CEO and demand that he let the two of you go on a proper date, as dates stuffed into the back of cars, aren’t the most romantic.

But you couldn’t this was the promise the two of you had made when the CEO discovered the relationship.


“What will the public think?” The CEO was livid as he slammed his hand on his table. “She’s not a celebrity and EXO has gone through too much trouble, how will I cover this up, if something starts?” He seethed, glaring daggers at you. Cowardly you shuffled behind Jongdae, and tried your best to make yourself insignificant.

“My fans will support me, no matter what!” And for the first time, Jongdae raised his voice in front of an elder, “You’re right EXO has gone through too much turmoil, but the fans aren’t as worried as the members are. I need something to keep me going so I won’t drift away and that is her.” His eyes were latched on to the CEO’s but he pointed his finger at you.

“You cannot reveal her, my word his final. You have five minutes of privacy to break up.” The CEO took his hand away and turned towards the door.

“Wait!” Without think you blurted, “I –I promise I won‘t interfere with anything to do with his career so… so please accept me!” You bowed ninety degrees, while Jongdae watched you not knowing what to do. The CEO huffed, crossing his arms.


Somehow you had convinced him to not force a breakup between that two of you, and through the rest of the years the ship sailed smoothly, sometimes it would encounter rocks, but it never sunk. “What about now?” Was it finally going to now hit rock bottom? 

You shook your head at your stupid thought, embarrassed that you would even thing of JongDae in such a way. If he hadn’t wanted to be with you, he wouldn’t had begged the CEO.

“That’s right, this is just a small pebble, we’ve been through so much more. I need to stop!” You got up making your way towards the note, you tore it in half and threw it into the garbage. “To late to cancel now, I’ll just do it without him.” With that you hoped that today wouldn’t become a mess and walked out the door forgetting you were still in your pajamas and that you had to go work today. You worked part time at the local restaurant, as a chef. One day you hoped to open up your own.

The rest of the day, after you got back was spent worrying about decorations and food. Sometimes your thoughts drifted to Jongdae, and you wondered how his concert was going. He ditched you on your birthday, so to make up for it, he’d better do a good concert.

A few hours later, the house was spotless, the kitchen stacked with food, a stereo set in the living and all the closest locked. You didn’t want a repeat of two years ago when all your friends and Jongdae had decided that they would make you clean more then you really should on your birthday.


“Good they are all gone.” Jongdae heaved a sighed and slumped in the love chair. “I don’t want to clean this mess.” He closed his eyes and instantly fell asleep.

“You never clean anyways.” You muttered, but smiled at the sight. Due to his job, the poor man never got much sleep. Taking whatever chance he got, he fell asleep everywhere and anywhere. He looked so peaceful and angelic, with the small smile on his face. Bending down you placed a quick peck on his cheek taking extra precautions as to not wake the unconscious angel.

By yourself, you began to pick up the larger things on the floor, empty pop cans, chip bags, disposable plates. Then you started on your dresses that were scattered on the floor. Being the adults your friends were, they demanded that you do a fashion show, then proceeded to pull out every dress you had and force it on you.

The dresses in your arms you walked to the closet to put them away, forgetting that the closest were jam packed and they thing would need to be moved around to take out anything.

The minute you opened the closest everything fell. All the clothes, shoes accessories in the small room all fell on you. You screamed in shock, with woke sleeping beauty. He ran to you, terror on his face. But when he saw you, he burst out laughing. “I knew this was a good! You look hilarious!” He snapped quick picture of your annoyed off expression, before helping you out of the mess.


It was three when the guest started to come. The part of awkward at first, as everyone asked were your boyfriend was and you told them he was at a concert. Their faces turned for confusion to shock to relief. “What?” You asked.

“No, nothing. His concert starts in an hour, we will watch right?”

“Yes…” Your voice was laced with confusion, but to inquire what was happening was of no use.

For the rest of the hour, your friends told you about the adventures they were having with the boyfriends or husbands. “You guys are lucky.” You frowned and looked away. “The guy you love isn’t famous, you don’t have to hide or make sure nothing leaks.” You loved Jongdae, you really did but sometimes, the secrets really did gat annoying.

About an hour later you turned on the television, and flipped to the concert. The concert itself was very good, but the one thing you’ll always remember was the ending.

Jongdae took the mic from a band mate right before they left the stage, he looked straight into the camera and spoke:

“I missed her birthday to be here. At first finding out that this would happen made me mad because I had plans for that day. But if you can’t change em, join em. I got an idea, I would say what I wanted here.

(Y/N), I love you, and I’m sorry that I missed this important day. I know you’re mad so what I say next I hope makes you happier.

(Y/N), I love you for going through so much trouble, so many lies and secrets to be with me, I know I caused you a lot of pain and stress by not doing what I should have done. I should not have kept this, us, a secret. I should have proved my love for you by going up against the pubic but I didn’t. And not doing so upset you, you tried to hide your tears everything a date was cancelled because of EXO, you thought I didn’t see but I did.

(Y/N), I love you, and I going to prove myself form now on, because… I love you more than my music, more than EXO itself, more that anything. Please have faith in me, and love me forever.

(Y/N), I love you, will you trust me and become the one I will cherish and please for the rest of time itself.

(Y/N), will you marry me?”

There was silence in the audience, then slowly an uproar started, Fan started screaming, some laughed, some cried. Some chanted, “Say yes!” And there were those jerks that said, “boo” or “no!” Over and over again. Of course some chose so say vulgar and nasty things, to the both of you, but him being an idol, such was inevitable Tears pooled in your eyes and your friends slowly put their arms around you, crying themselves.

Then, Jongdae walked towards a security guard and took out the man’s cell phone. He dialed a number and your phone rang.

You picked it up and said only three words, “I love you.” 



I hope you liked it!!! 

Thank you so much for requesting!! 

Please I hope you don't mind but could you maybe help me get other people to request too, I know my writing isn't great, but it's not going to get better if I write but I get no feed back, Thank you!!

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