The Black Spot

This is a poem I have decided to write about human trafficking. It is a for-real big deal. People suffering from human trafficking a lot of the time draw a Black Spot on their hands to try to let people know what's going on if they can't directly tell people in case they're being watched. Help me raise awareness.


1. The Black Spot

They've been hidden among the crowd of normality and sexuality

People don't notice them, and if they do, they pretend not to

They want to tell someone safe

But they are always being watched


Forced to do things no child should be forced into

There is nothing they can do to stop the torture

But draw a spot on their hands

A pray someone notices


Be the person that saves them from that life of torture

Tell someone that can help them

They are probably embarrassed 

Some might not want to tell anyone

But they all want to be free


No one wants to be forced to do anything they don't want to do

They shouldn't have to

They have no one to count on

No one believes in them


People use them for their bodies

They use them for their own pleasure

They can't stop it once it starts

People take them and force them to do these things

And it happens all around you

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