The Black Spot

This is a poem I have decided to write about human trafficking. It is a for-real big deal. People suffering from human trafficking a lot of the time draw a Black Spot on their hands to try to let people know what's going on if they can't directly tell people in case they're being watched. Help me raise awareness.


2. Author's Note

            So I know this is a rough topic. But this really does happen everyday. 94% of runaways are forced into human trafficking within the first 48 hours of them being away from home. People sell their bodies to make porn without the consent of the victims themselves. And it happens to kids everywhere from 4 or 5 years to 16 and 17 years old. They are afraid to tell people because they are usually under constant surveillance. They write a black spot on their palms. 


Look for the spot!


Thanks guys.


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