WHY (a poem)

I figured I'd give this a shot. Let me know what you think.


1. Why?

Why am I me? 

Why are you you?

Why do we believe them when they tell us this is all we'll ever be? 

Why do we change when someone else doesn't like us the way we are?

Why is it when everything's going great it all falls apart?

Why do we let people define us by the way we look? 

Why do we define other people by the way they look? 

Why do we try and live up to society's expectations?

Why do I forgive you when you say I'll never make it? 

Why do I forgive you when you say I'm not good enough? 

 Why do I still remember the things you said?

Why did I throw out my favourite shirt because YOU didn't like it? 

Why do I forgive you? 

Why don't I turn and walk away?

Why don't I stand up?

Why don't I say something?

Why do I let you hurt me?

And why do I forgive you?


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