The oldest story ever told abbot two people very in love. And they are never giving up on love. Why? For the simple fact of that the belong together.


1. The Start

The Start.

I wake up and still as though something is missing in my life. As I feel every morning. So I get up and get dressed , put on my favorite hat. Put some make-up on and take a quick selfie to see how cute I look. I'm little conceded, but besides that I go downstairs my parents up and  I say " good morning as I do every morning in the summer , the school year is different because  I don't have time to. I go out of the door and get in my car to go to the mall with some friends, I get their and then that's when I see HIM.  He glows like an angel , but I feel as though he has a darkness about him. Although he's gorgeous, besides that fact I start to walk towards him , and to my surprise he starts walking towards me too. Before I say anything , he sticks out his and for a shake and says " Hello, I'm Griffin Howell, what is your name?'". I say , " My name is Abby George, and its nice to meet you Griffin."  Next he says, " Would you like to go out to a movie sometime?". As he is speaking I notice he is looking at me then around us ,  I don't think anything of so I say " Yes i would love too.". 



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