The oldest story ever told abbot two people very in love. And they are never giving up on love. Why? For the simple fact of that the belong together.


2. First Date

First date

I get dressed in my most attractive outfit, you know showing a little bit of skin never hurt anyone. Then, I hear a knock on my front I go to answer, and there Griffin is , in a leather jacket and a white T-shirt and jeans. We walk out my door to what I thought was going to be a car. Wrong, it was a motorcycle. I struggle to get on but I make it finally. When we get to the restaurant , which surprised me ,because I'm used to being taken out to fast food joints. It was a very nice place , the food was great, but the conversation was much better.

Although he still looks around. And then, Josh ( ex-boyfrined ) comes up to ruin my date, because I notice he is drunk, he says " Hey a**hole get  away from her she's mine!". Griffin asks nicely " We are enjoying a nice meal can you please leave her and I alone?". I'm just sitting pissed off, next Josh says " Piss off whatever your name is...". But before he could say anything else all of the sudden Griffin punches Josh right in the mouth. Basically telling him to shut up.


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