(Use-To-Be) My Life Saver


7. Sex in the tree house

So Ashton and I go up to the tree house, we started to play video games online like, Tug the Table and stuff. Then, he won the game by one point, then he settled down, I went to our bean bags and sat down, really just to lay down a little. I felt someone taking my shoes of. I stood up with both shoes off go over to Ashton and started to take of his boots. Then, he takes off my jeans. Now, he took my shirt off then i took his shirt off to. I pushed him to the wall like he was an abuser. Now we started kissing, then Ashton slides his tung in my mouth, then I moan his name while our lips are together. I lost my step and fell. (Just for fun) then Ashton gets on top of me and starts taking my underwear off and my bra off. I rolled onto him, stood up and took his jeans and boxers off, then I threw em somewhere. Then we started to kiss again. I went down to his dick and thrusting it with my hand. Then, I put my mouth on it, I heard him moan my name. We started to ack crazy. Ashton got up and he pick me up, and put me on his dick and moaned little to crazy. I though the boys heard me, but they didn't. Now I started to twerk on him. Then, he sat down and I started striping on him. And I think he like it very much. I could tell by the facial expression. We laid down for the last segment. Once he put his dick in my pussy I moaned so hard I couldn't breathe. It was hard to not grab his hair, so I did. I felt something on my boob off course it was Ashton's hand. He went down and reached my sweet spot, I was tingling inside. I wanted to scream, but I hold my breathe inside. "Wow, that was awesome" I said breathing hard. "Yea, that was incredible, can't wait till we do it again." Ashton says "You can't tell Luke about what happened." I explained " I won't" Ashton said (I know I went to far in this chapter I just love Ashton F. Irwin)

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