(Use-To-Be) My Life Saver


3. Meet the band

So Luke takes me to his house, down stairs to the basement. After we walked down a few steps, we found the guys, tuning up and ready to play. The three guys looked at me and I felt frozen for a while. "Hey guys, this is Demetra, She's had a hard time in school." Luke says "Hey guys." I say "Hi, I'm Calum" Calum says "Hi, I'm Michael" Michael says "Hi, I'm Ashton" Ashton says, I sit on the couch in front off the band doing my homework, the I hear something in my head saying go play the guitar. "Hey, can I play one of your guitars?" I asked "Yea" Michael says so I get up and get Michael's guitar and start playing......🎸 and I wrote a song called "How deep is your love".........🎤I sung my song and played Michael's guitar, put it back on the stand, and sat down, doing my homework. "Wow, that was great." Ashton says "Thx, since I'm a solo artist I have lots of time to write songs, my next gig is in Tulsa Oklahoma, then Austin Teaxas." I said "Our tour is starting here in New York, New York then we go on to Washington Dc." Ashton says "well I have to go make more songs, see u guys at your at your concert" I said

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