(Use-To-Be) My Life Saver


4. Making songs and tragedy

So I go home, up to my room and close my door and start writing my last song called "Got u on my mind". And once when I started writing the chorus my phone started to ring I answered it and I realized it was 15 minuets till the concert. I answered it and He,She, or they said "Come to the concert quickly!!!!" I hurry up and got dressed, got into my car and raced to the Bok center. I finally made it in 10 minuets despair and raced again to the backstage room. They told me that my tour starts here in New York, New York. While going up to the door, the guards pushed me back saying I don't have tickets. I told them I'm Demetra sanders the singer, then they let me in. So I ran to the stage to practice then ran into Luke by accident, I got up and keep going, I didn't know where the backstage was, so I ran back to the guys I asked them where Backstage is cause I have 5 minutes left till the concert starts. They directed to go all the way to the end and right, and there it is. I'm running saying thx. I get there just in time. (By the way I'm just borrowing two of there songs, Don't get mad) so I sing:

Jet black heart



Nerdy kidz

How deep is your love

I love Jesus

And Got u on my mind

Then I left the stage for 5sos to play, "Good luck guys." I said "Thanks girl" the guys said they played (by the way I'm using other artist for this one)

Good girls

Hey everybody

Fly away

What do u mean?

She's kinda hot


And Levels

Once they sung their songs they invited me onto the stage, I was in shocked then went on stage😁. While walking, I slipped on stage from a marble, and once I slipped in front off everybody, they laughed. Ashton and Michael helped me up, I was running and then I sprained my leg, then I was limping to the nearest bench and I sat down. I took my glasses of and started to wipe the tears of my face then let the other tears just rome down my face. Then I saw Calum, Ashton,Luke and Michael coming toward me running, to see if I was ok. "Are you okay babe" Luke said "I'm not okay, I just hate when people laugh at me, they just make me fell like I'm not important in this universe, everyday at school even the last day of school today, they just threw notes at me saying stuff like 4-eyes, nerdling, they also just say Die no one wants u here, not even your mother." I looked up and saw that the guys were in tears "That's sad, why would they do that?" Ashton exclaimed, I get up and start walking down to my car, crying, just thinking what I should do. Then, out of no where, the same two jocks came and pushed me and kicked me they stopped cause Ashton and Michael pushed them. When I got up, I was so angry so I told Ashton and Michael to hold them back and put them next to each other. I started to do my karate moves on the two, they got a bloody noses, busted lips, and black eyes, they promised not to mess with me no more. "Good"... I whispered........

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