(Use-To-Be) My Life Saver


5. Lonely

I'm just sitting at home, listen to Jet black heart By 5 seconds of summer, just thinking what I should do to kill myself. I thought that I could hang myself or shoot myself. I forgot that I have a loaded gun under my bed. I thought it was loaded, I had to make sure, since my mom wasn't home. So, to make sure it was loaded I shoot my picture frame of my "use-to-be" BestFriend. Then I pointed the gun at myself, and before I pulled the trigger I herd footsteps coming up the stairs. I started shaking, and I almost pulled the trigger, but Ashton took the gun away ASAP. "What are you doing," Ashton said "I'm 'bout to kill myself!!!" I screamed. "Why are u trying to kill yourself?" Ashton asked, I went down to my knee's and started to cry then awnsered his question "I'm doing this because I'm not important to this universe, I can never escape this loneliness, hopeless,bullies, and more. I can't take this anymore." I said crying " Demetra, killing yourself is not the resolution." Ashton said "Yes it is" I said " No it's not, look at me, I've been bullied too since I was young, I almost killed myself at school, but when Luke and Michael came they changed my life forever, I know someone can here your cries, and the person or people is us, You and I together." Ashton tells me. I give him a big hug and stopped crying. "Thank you so much Ashton," I say laughing a little "You are welcome Demetra," Ashton says

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