(Use-To-Be) My Life Saver


14. In the hospital

I woke up the hospital, with a headache, and a heartache. I forgot what happen yesterday evening. "What time is it?" I said confused. I looked at my phone and it said 6:41 P.M. I unlocked my phone and played the like I'm gonna lose you by Meghan trainer and John legend. "I made a horrible 😭 mistake" I said, starting to cry. "Yea u did, girl don't make that mistake again." Ashton, Calum, and Michael said I was happy to see the guys and they told me that they bailed me out the hospital. I walk out the hospital to see Luke near their car. "Hey bae, miss me???" Luke said angrily. I see him with tattoos on his arm. I drop my stuff and start running away. I didn't want to be near him. I went behind the wall and sat down with my back against the walk. The guys chased me ' Till I couldn't go any more. "What do want guys" I screamed. "We need u and Luke to work the problem out." Calum said "We can't, he beat me till I couldn't talk any more, why should I talk to him for?!?!" I screamed in confusion. "You should talk to him because we all know he has changed in jail..." Michael said "I have 19 stab marks and 15 stitches on each mark, that means I have 285 stitches on 19 stab marks. So u want me to talk to him again???" I asked calmly this time. "Good math, u know what just come with us." Ashton said. We walked back to Luke near the car. I picked my bag up and tried to walk closer to him. I was at least 5 Feet away from him. I looked back at the guys with a gulp and looked back at Luke. "I'm sorry Demetra, sometimes I can get out of hand, u cheating on Ashton-" Michael and Calum cut him off. "Demetra, u had sex with Ashton then Luke???" They said shocked. "Yea and I really regret what I did," I said. "As I was saying, things can get out of hand when I'm around people sometimes. I'm just so sorry that I gave ummm what was it" Luke said "19" I reminded him "Yea 19 stab wounds and I'll go to therapy and get it under control." Luke said crying "I except your apology, and I am also sorry for having sex with Ashton, I just wanted to see what would it look like but it turns out that the only person your cheating, is yourself." I said and started to cry too. Luke and I made up and we agreed to not have sex with anybody else.

Thank you for reading my FanFiction. Hope you read my new FanFiction, Love me like you do, about Ashton Irwin. ✌️

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