(Use-To-Be) My Life Saver


1. First meet

Demetra FanFiction

So I'm just a shy girl, and kind of nerdy, just walking down the school's hallway at Edison. Just looking down at my books and then I bump into the popular boy, Luke. I drop my books and sighted. So before I can get on one knee, he said "I'll pick it up," Luke picks my books and then I say "thx." "I'm Luke, what's your name?" Luke says. "I'm Demetra, thx for picking up my books." And before he could answer my statement two Jocks pushed me on the ground, started kicking me, and broke my glasses. Luke stopped them and helped me up, and picked my books up. "AGAIN" I cried as I'm walking home from school, then I heard someone call my name, I looked left and right but no one was there. Then I hear my name again then I turned around and saw Luke, then I walk to him with wet Mascara running down my face. "I'm srry about my friends back there, they are so stupid." Luke says "It's ok, if something bad happens I think of a song Shawn Mendes made." I say "What song?" Luke says, "Believe, I'm listening to right now. It's like my fav song after Beside you by 5 Seconds of summer." I say "You like 5sos?" Luke says "Yea, I Love 5sos" I say "Then you should meet my band they are 5sos." Luke says "I can, wow can I meet them today?" I say "Yea, come on I'll take u to them." Luke says

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