(Use-To-Be) My Life Saver


9. Dreaming

So, I woke up at around 6:25a.m got dressed and got in my car. I wanted to drive around the city to get my nerves calm down about what happened with Ashton and I. I put gas in my car about 3 times before heading home. I opened then door to silence. I guess everybody left. I'm on my way to my room to take a nap, then I come to see Luke and my best friend Amaya having sex on my bed. "I'm leaving, never talk to me again" I said with tears coming down my face. I get a suitcase, pack all my things and I'm walking to the door. I'm bout to open the door to hear Ashton's voice. "Where are you going Demetra?" Ashton asked "I'm going to a hotel." I say. I see him walking toward me and I start crying a little. "I'm gone 'cause my heart is broken." I said Ashton hugs me to see if that seals my broken heart a little. "Does that work?" "Only a little, but not a lot, thx anyway." I sniffed "Let me drive u to the hotel." Ashton says "Mkay." I say kind of happy. I felt a whole bunch of water on my face, and woke up. I saw Michael, Calum,Ashton, and Luke standing there. "Where am I?" I asked the guys "You're at Luke's house" Ashton says "I must of hit my head on something." I say. I get up and walk to the bathroom, I close the door and lock it. I took a pregnant test, and it said Positive. I'm smiling to it, and hide it somewhere so the boys wouldn't find it, I put it in the bottom draw where all my stuff was at. I dry up took me about and hour to dry myself. I drove my car to IHOP with the guys to eat breakfast at half of the pancakes then I went to the bathroom to change into my singing clothes, I get up on stage and introduced myself and started to sing How deep is your love. Every one was applauding for my song, "Thx, I own this song to my friends Calum, Ashton,Luke, and Michael." I say getting off the stage to change back into my regular clothes. And ate the rest of my breakfast.

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