(Use-To-Be) My Life Saver


12. chapter 11

I was just walking to my Math class, my fav class of the school, I bump into the crew, " Hey, can u meet us in the the gym right now" Luke said before I could answer their statement, they we're running. I'm walking to the gym, then I see a trail of positive notes going down the hallway from the cafeteria to the gym. I pick one up and said "You are really smart," I smiled and keeped walking. I opened the doors to the gym and saw people lined up in there. "What is this?" I asked "This is your concert" Calum said "My concert?" I asked again "Stop asking questions, go sing" The guys said.

I start singing Airplanes

Most of my life, I sat on my Hands, I don't make a sound Getting it right, I made all my plans, lost never found you're right your smile can light up the night, night Embers and neon signs paint up black Sky, Sky. Airplanes cut through the clouds like angles can fly we'll never die. Sirens cut through the clouds like screams set on fire rising up hire. I've got something to prove, nothing to lose in this city, in this city. Ohh ohh ohh ooh oooohhhhhooooohhhhooo ohohoh ohohoho All of this time, I questioned myself I never could wait. looking for signs, not asking for help I know it's to late love lost and buried here it comes to life, life Make believe worlds make us feel alive, alive oh oh ohohoh oh ohohohoh ohohohoh I don't ever want to wait for this, I know that I was made for this I won't fade Into dark i'm not gonna say that I'm sorry gonna see the end of this story I won't fade into darkness oh oh ohohoh oh ohohohoh ohohohoh

Everybody had applauded for my singing I cried in joy. Walk down to hug the 5sos crew in joyful tears.

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