(Use-To-Be) My Life Saver


10. Chapter 10, 16+ sexual contact

So I think all the guys went to the movies, idk what they wanted to see. I went downstairs to eat a snack and listen to music, once I put my earbuds in and went to look for some chez-its to turn around to see Luke standing behind me. I jump a little thinking he found out what happen "Hey Bae, u scared me a little" I say "Hey Bae, u look nice in yo pj's" Luke said will walking to me I remember listening to the song Air by Shawn Mendes before I had sex with him. "Well I'm going to go to my room and have a few Cheez-Its and listen to music, u can join if u want." I say walking slowly to the door until Luke made a decision. "Yea, I'll get my phone and we can listen to music together." Luke says "K let's do that." I said. So we go to my room and start listening to each other's taste of different type of bands. We start loving each other's taste of bands, but when I played Stitches, Luke leaned in for a kiss. It was like magic to me, i felt like it was heaven. I quickly kissed him back, then I have gotten on to of him and took his shirt. "I love you, and I love this." I say moaning "You will love this even more" Luke says he tossed me into the side of the bed and he got up and did the "Macalana," like in a sexy way. I giggled a little. Then, took his clothes off in front of me. I whispered "Wow." "Boy, u look good," I said "Thx, I workout," he said. I get up and walk toward him, and started to thrust his dick with my hand, then put my mouth on it for more taste. "Demetra, Omg, this feels so good." Luke moaned. I get up and take my clothes off, I knew he was going to give me a bonner, and he did give me one. I felt great. I got on top of him and started to kiss him hard, and started to pull his hair with my left hand. I felt his hand running down my back, and I started to kiss him even harder. He flipped me back over to the right side of the bed and got on top of me. And he gave me time to adjust myself, "You Ready?" Luke asked "Yea, you ready?" I also asked "Yea, I'm ready, you ready, let's do this." Luke said He puts the condom on his Dick, and started to put it in me. I was on a Permanent Vacation. He kissed my neck, while putting his Dick Inside me. "Oh My Gosh, I'm horny 'cause Of u," I said moaning "I lost virgenity, with u," Luke said I smiled secretly. Luke was to his point to stop. He kissed me one last time before he got off of me. "Like really, this made my heart calm down" I said "Really, like how???" Luke asked "When I'm close to u my heart pounds like 100 miles an hour" I said "I feel the same thing about u" Luke said. I'm smiling to him with excitement and started to yawn. I get up, and walk to the drawer and pick out the clothes I sleep with at night, brush my teeth, wash my face, and go to sleep. I hear Luke coming on my side kiss my cheek and walk out my room.

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