(Use-To-Be) My Life Saver


13. Argument/Jail

Just thinking about what happen at school, I'm happy until Luke bursted into my room. "What is this" Luke screamed "That's a pregnant test" I said calmly "Who did u have sex with???" Luke screamed again "Stop screaming at me Luke" I screamed "Until u tell me who u had sex with before me???" Luke screamed. "I had sex with Ashton" I screamed. Luke grabbed my arm and tried to take me downstairs but I broke his gripe and started running to my room to grab my phone and call the police. But Luke caught up to me and pulled me back. "This is why u don't have sex with other people" Luke said. He took his hand and punched me in my stomach and I almost threw up. "STOP LUKE!!!" I screamed. "NO!!!" Luke screamed. Before I could push him off Luke punched me almost everywhere. Luke had got up to get a knife and that gave me enough time to escape to my room, but Luke heard my footsteps going up the stairs and started to run with a knife. I called 911.


911, what's your Emergancy

Me- umm my use-to-be life saver is now trying to kill me

911, what's your name???

Me- My name is Demetra ~Phone Dropes~

911, Hello? Hello?



911-The Police and the Paramedics are on their way

I hear a knock on the door I pushed Luke off of me with the many stab wounds on me I make it to the door. I tried to open the door but Luke stabbed me on the side of my stomach. And I opened the door as I fell to the floor. The police and the Paramedics came in. The police arrested Luke and the Paramedics put on them what ever u call it and put me on one of those thing is.

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