A Lost Girl,Who's finding her way!!

My name Faith(Madison Pettis) My dad died hen I was five it's been me and my mom ever sense me and mom gotten closer ever sense she's all I got left(note: Madison aka Faith will have Christina Aguliera's and Tynishia Kelli's voice in this story) I used to be this strong out going girl now i'm a lost quiet girl but hopefully one day i'll find myself again.


1. The voice...

I cry myself to sleep every night, you can see the pain in my eyes.

Can you see the hurt even if I'm wearing a disguise.

I wanna be a somebody...I don't wanna be scared. 

As I'm writing the lyrics down on my laptop my little brother tells me it's time to eat 

As i'm sitting at the table eating my brother(Toby)(played by nobody yet) and my mom(Lina)(played by nobody yet) are in the living room eating and watching all our favorite show i stopped watching when my dad died his last words to me was go on the show for me it broke my heart we didn't have the money to go on that show. so that's when my mom said she had something to tell us i stood up washed my plate off put it in the sink she was telling us how dad always wanted to go on the show oh yeah i guess i forgot to tell you what show it was the voice and dad he was a very good singer. mom then looked at me i always wanted to go on the show for me and dad. that's when mom told me ii have a chance to go on it and i literally jumped up and hugged her i was so happy but so heart broken at the same time .

I've been lost ever sense my dad died and maybe this is a chance to find myself again to find who i was meant to be as i go to my room and i call my best friend her name is Gabriela(Zendaya) she says she's coming over it was a Friday so she's going to stay the night she's been there for me sense first grade plus she can relate to my problems her aunt passed away her and her aunt was best friends plus her mom left her when she was four but she still had her dad.

When Gabby got here we put her stuff in my room and went inside i was working on the lyrics to a song i came up with while gabby was making bracelets.

Tired of being afraid tired of the tears streaming down my face.

Tired of the broken dreams tired of not knowing who i was meant to be

Tired of feeling like i have to hide from the world cause i don't want to let my feelings show 

I want to be somebody I want to make life count everyday 

I close my lap top couldn't think of anymore lyrics, me and gabby stayed up and watched Netflix on her i pad with popcorn.

The next day 

I started packing my bags for The Voice  we were going go stay with my aunt and grandma I still can't believe  it so that's what my dad meant by "go on the show for me" my mom and dad was planning this he was going to go on the show  i called gabby to tell her where on our way to pick her up of course i'm taking my best friend with me.

*Skip Time*

Auddtions were starting i get inside and they tell me I'm next

I go on stage i see Adam,Christina,Pharrel, and Blake 

they greet me and asked me what will i be singing and i tell them hurt by Christina herself.

Note: (again Faith has Christina's voice and Tynisha and i know that's a little weird and funny sense Christina is a judge but so they sound just alike but not to everyone else if that makes sense) 

I started the song and as the music was playing and i was singing i could feel a tear come down my face

"I'm sorry for blaming you for the things that i just couldn't do i hurt myself by hating you" another tear came down my face. all four the chairs spent around by the end of the song and everyone stood up and was clapping and cheering i was just so happy i thanked god and my dad and oh my goodness that was so unbelievable so i eventually picked Christina as my couch.

Christina talking to the audience/camera

Christina: I never heard anything like that before it was amazing and i honestly believe that girl can win the voice with my help she's what this show about and i can't make till her next performance she gave me chills (Christina giggled)




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