What do you really want?



1. What do you really want?

What do you really want?

Do you want to live through the pain?

Or do you want to end it?

Do you want to carry on living in an society where you're hated?

Or heaven?

Do you want to be happy?


That's what she asked herself everyday, she pulled through, she stayed strong until one day she chose her happiness over everyone else's.


She took the knife from the kitchen draw,

She took a bottle of her mothers pain pills from the bathroom cupboard,

She took a rope out of the garage,

She took a chair from the dining room,

She took a pen and notepad out of her fathers study,


Then she ties the rope to the living room curtain pole,

Pulls the chair underneath,

And the tears roll down her face as she writes...

'Mom, Dad, i'm really sorry that you are going to read this and one of you is going to find me like this, im writing to say goodbye, i couldn't take the pain anymore, i'll be watching over you,

love you always, your daughter oxoxo


She swallowed the bottle of pills, 

Stood on the chair knife in her right hand,

Dragged the knife across her wrists,

Wrapped the rope around her neck,

And asked herself 'what do you really want?'

And in her final breath,

She said 'to be happy' 

The chair fell,

And left her motionless body dangling there.....

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