The mill

i few ameture poems that you might find a little interesting.


3. doctor who?

The Doctor

Her blue box fell from the sky

it brought a tear to my eye

the wheezing sound filled my ears

that sound dissolved my fears

it lifted my spirit

I finally got to hear it


She stepped out in a godly manner

staring at me her eyes like a scanner

she peered at me with a gleaming smile

making all of my troubles melt for a while

face to face her and me

I could hear her hearts beating steady and free

I started to wonder what would be


The wonder and awe of new planets

her hand clamping mine, hard like granite

the running from dangers

meeting and saving 1000 strangers

bright and beautiful life forms

but in her face I saw many storms.


Her mind was obviously conflicted

I start think and know I’m restricted

her hearts are filled with losses and love

I decide go to be as free as a dove

she reaches out and snatches my hand

we're thrown around and then we land.


This is the beginning and the end

my heart flies and its godsend

she cheers and says “I’ve done it again”

its my nerves I cannot contain

she starts to walk towards the door

she opens it up and I tear up once more

Goodbye old life you were such a bore

My new life has started with the doctor


I can't help but think of how our story will end

Will I live forever? Will I die with my friend?

My mind wanders as we run to survive

I never know if we'll run for 10 minutes for 5

All I know is that I'm always gasping for air

But to be honest I really don't care

It's better to live constantly moving and happy

Than to stay still and have a life that's crappy


Sure, statues are safe and have long lives

but they will never know the joy of taking the dive

Of trusting someone to catch you when you leap

Of never getting nor needing much sleep

the adrenaline runs through my blood like a drug

My heart races whenever she gives me a hug

I am a companion of the doctor and though it may not last long

When we were together life was like a song


We live harmoniously and love each other

not romantically, she's like my surrogate mother

At times I think it's too good to be true

but then there were times of horror too

I stared around at the tardis and sighed

she is a time machine and she makes time fly

suddenly I started wondering if it was all in my head

That was when I woke up back in my bed


A tear slipped down my face and I realised it was a dream

I stared at my posters and I wanted to scream.



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