Love is Strong but Anger is Stronger

Jada is a senior this year. But it's over to soon. She needs to make a good choice.


8. Who is he?

We got to the hospital and got into the elevator. Jake was against the wall, holding my waist. A guy came in the elevator, he had brown hair, looked a older than us, and was wearing a flannel. He didn’t look that bad, but Jake was better. He stood by me and kept looking at me, I pushed against Jake. Our floor finally came, and we got off, but so did the guy. I felt like he was following me. We finally got to Lauren’s room. I opened the door and saw Matt on the chair closest to Lauren. He was sleeping, Lauren was awake tho. I quickly ran over to the bed and hugged Lauren.


“It’s so good to you, Lauren.” A tear went down my face.


“It’s good to see you too Jada.” She smiled.


“Matt has been here since we brought you to the hospital.”


“Yeah I know. He is so sweet.”


“Lauren, What happened??”


The nurse Came in the room. She took notes of what she saw on the machines. Lauren’s heartbeat was small.


“Honey, you need to get some sleep. All ya’ll need to get out, except for dear Matt. Ya’ll can visit in a few hours.”


“Okay, Lauren, I’ll be back. bye.”


“Bye Jada.”



We left the room and headed to the cafe. We got in the elevator and the same guy was there. He even left got closer to me, this time I was just holding hands with Jake. I don’t think Jake noticed him. He was almost touching my other hand. He kept looking at me. The noise of the elevator stopped the silence. Jake and I got out, so did he.

Jake and I went to the smoothie place and he paid for my smoothie. We went over to a group of tables and sat down. I saw the guy across the room, just looking at me. I got up and headed to the restroom. I told Jake before hand that I had to go. I turned the corner and someone grabbed me. I felt a hand over my mouth. Someone pulled me back and into the bathroom. Someone locked us into a stall.

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