Love is Strong but Anger is Stronger

Jada is a senior this year. But it's over to soon. She needs to make a good choice.


5. So much Stress

We opened the door and Matt ran over to Lauren. I slowly walked over to the bed, where she laid. I looked around her, there were at least 6 machines hooked up to her. I don’t know whose are used for, but they made me worry. I heard Jake close the door and walk over. I looked at Matt holding Lauren’s hand and crying. I headed over to the door, behind it were papers. I grabbed the papers and read them.


Patient: Lauren Thomason

Age: 17

Date of Birth: August 14, 1998

Gender: Female

Injury: Broken leg, Cut open head, Bruises on body, swelling, and gun shot wound

No Signs of: Concussion, Hallucination, Brain damage, Rib damage, and/or Heart Damage


Wait, did that say GUNSHOT?! What?! I never saw a gunshot wound! I dropped the clipboard and stood back. Jake ran over to me and Matt looked up.


“Are you ok Jada?” Jake rushed to my side.


“I… um… I” I didn’t know what to say, it all happened so quick. I panicked.

“Jada. Is something wrong?” Matt got up and walked towards me.


“No… nothing’s wrong. It’s just, Matt, Lauren got shot.”


“WAIT WHAT?!” Matt and Jake said together, insinc.


I picked up the clipboard and put it back behind the door. Jake was walking back and forth. Matt was looking down, arms crossed, and eyes widened.


“Guys, its 10:30. I have to get home.” It’s all happening so fast.


“I’ll take you home, Matt are you staying?” Jake opened the door.


“Yeah I’m staying. Don’t worry about me.”


“Ok just make sure you get food.” I don’t want him to stay but i guess he should.


Me and Jake started going to the elevator. We were on floor 35. It was a big building. Anyways, we got to the elevator and we stood in a corner together. I grabbed his hand and laid my head on his shoulder.



“Yeah Jake?”


“Is it bad I want to cry?”


“No of course not.”


“Do you think I could stay with you tonight?”


“Yeah of course, I need it too.”


The elevator got to the 1st floor. We got off and started heading to the parking lot. When we got to his car he opened the door for me and I sat down. He went around the car and got in. He started the car but the radio was off. All I heard was the engine of the car. All I could smell is the smell of Jake’s cologne. I felt the warmth of the heaters. I don’t know what I could say, or do. I just sat there thinking.

Could I have done something to help Lauren? Does her mom even care? Will she be ok? Is Matt really handling this well? Is Jake even ok with this? Ok I know I’m pretty upset but are the guys. I mean guys rarely show emotion, so you can’t really tell what they are thinking. I wish I could know. I wish Lauren was ok. I just wish for so much stuff but it never ever comes true.

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