Love is Strong but Anger is Stronger

Jada is a senior this year. But it's over to soon. She needs to make a good choice.


9. Is this... food?

“If I remove my hand you better not scream.” The man behind me said.


“Is that a deal?” I heard something unzip from behind me.


I shook my head in a yes formation. He removed his hand from my mouth and I quickly turned around to see him. Our faces were so close, he could kiss me in one move. He was wearing glasses, and up close he looked my age.




“What do you want?” I said with a salty attitude.


“I needed to give you something, and I didn’t want to be weird about it.”


“Yeah cause covering my mouth and pulling me into a stall isn’t weird.”


“Sorry about that.”


I looked down and saw a bag unzipped. That explains something. I tried looking in the bag but he put it behind him when he realized I was looking.


“What’s in the bag?” I tried reaching for it, our lips almost touching.


“That’s the thing I have to give to you.”


“Who is it from?”


“I dunno. I’m not allowed to know, I’m just a messenger.”


“Well who are you working for?”


“Can’t say, that’s top secret.”


“Can you tell me what I need the thing in the bag for.”


“Nope. You’ll know when you need it.”


“So you can’t tell me anything?”


“No, sorry. Well I can tell you one thing.”


“What is it?”


“You are the most beautiful girl I’ve delivered to yet.”


“Can I just see the thing.”


He gave me something wrapped in cloth. I examined it a little more. It was a box, it looked like a box of food wrapped in cloth. Just like an anime lunch. I was about to open it but then he stopped me.


“No, not here. Only when your alone.” He said in a serious tone.


“Why? how dangerous is food?”


“Just trust me okay?”


“Okay, can I go now?”


I turned around towards the door and his hand touched my ass.


“HEY!” I shouted while turning around.


“I.. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to.” He started shaking.


I quickly unlocked the door and went out of the bathroom. I saw Jack standing there just around the corner. I rushed behind him and slid my hand down his arm and into his hand. My fingers slid between his, my hand fit so perfectly with his. He looked towards me.


“What took you so long?”


“Oh nothing I was fixing my makeup.” I said with a cute smile.


“Okay well are you ready to go?” We started walking side by side.


“Yeah, It’s been a rough couple of days.”

We headed to the exit and towards the Garage. When we got to Jake’s car I opened the door and sat down. Just then my phone started ringing. I grabbed it out of my back pocket and looked to see who it was. It was Lauren’s mom.

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