Love is Strong but Anger is Stronger

Jada is a senior this year. But it's over to soon. She needs to make a good choice.


2. Is she ok?

“What’s wrong Jake?” I looked at him and my heart started racing.


“I just-” he paused.


“You can tell me. I won’t go if you do.” I started getting curious.


He started the car and turned on the air. He didn’t say a word. Maybe because this was our last school year. Maybe because it’s almost summer. Maybe because we’ve been together for almost 2 years.


“I need to tell you something important. But not here, come by my place tonight at 8. ok?” He finally got the nerve to speak up.


“Ok I will come. But it better be important.” I said with a little laugh to lighten up the mood.


He had me worried, scared, curious. he drove me to my house. I got out of the car and closed the door behind me.


“Remember, my house at 8!” He hollered as I walked away from him.


I ran back to the car but on his side and kissed him.


“I know.” I walked away and into my house.



I walked in and looked out the window to watch him leave. I wonder what he needs to talk to me about. Then my phone rang. I reached in my back pocket and grabbed it out and looked to see who it was. It was Lauren. I answered it quickly.


“Hello?” I heard rustling.


“Helllllooooooo?” I spoke again.


2 minutes later…. *SCREAM!!!!!!!!!!*


“LAUREN?! LAUREN ARE YOU OK?!!!!” The fear of Lauren getting hurt ate me from the inside out.


“LAUREN ANSWER ME!!” She hung up.


I quickly called Matt to see if he knew where she was.



“Matt?!” I sorta yelled in the phone.


“What Jada? What’s wrong?” His voice froze of worriedness.


“Where’s Lauren?!!!!!!” I said, I don’t think we have much time.


“She’s at her house. why?”


“Just meet me there. NOW!” I quickly hung up and raced out the door.


I got in my car and started. I buckled up and went to Lauren’s house. I got out of the car and noticed her door open. I ran inside. Everything was a mess. I went to the kitchen and saw Lauren on the floor. Her head had blood on it. She was knocked out cold. I heard a car door slam and Matt ran in.


“Oh My God!! LAUREN!” He yelled.


“Quick let’s get her in the your car. Your driving to the hospital, I’ll watch her in the back seat.” We got her up and carried her to Matt’s car. I sat in the back seat, Lauren laid on my lap. Matt started driving to the Hospital.


“Do you know what happened??” Matt asked as he kept driving.


“No, I just got a call and heard her scream.” I laid my hand on Lauren’s head.


“We better hurry. There’s a lot of blood.” I said in a worried tone.



We got to the hospital and the nurses quickly rushed her into the ER.


We sat in the waiting room for a little while.


“Matt… are you ok?” I looked over to him.


“Yeah, I’ll be ok. But I don’t know what I would do without her.” He looked at the floor.


The nurse came out and headed towards us. She looked worried. I hope Lauren is ok.


“How is she?” Matt stood up.


“The damage is pretty bad. Her head was cut open and she might have a serious concussion. Her ribs were bruised and she has a broken leg” The nurse looked at her clipboard.


“Will she be ok?!” Matt looked in the nurse’s eyes.


“Yeah she will be just fine, but she needs to stay in the hospital for a few days, ok?” I could tell the nurse was lying to Matt, but he needed to hear that.


“Ok, But when can we see her??” I guess he wanted to check on her.


“Soon, very soon. I’ll come get you guys when you can.” She started to walk away towards Lauren’s room.



My phone rang. I grabbed it out of my back pocket. It was Jake. IT’S ALREADY 7:30???!!!!!!!!!!


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