Love is Strong but Anger is Stronger

Jada is a senior this year. But it's over to soon. She needs to make a good choice.


4. Flashbacks

(My Flashback)

The first day I met Lauren. she was so shy and skittish. She had no friends, she got bullied, she was small so she couldn’t do anything. I actually met her when we were outside. She was on a swinging alone, I felt so sad for her. I decided to go talk to her. When I got to her she was crying. I asked her why she was crying and her only answer was “go away”. I didn’t leave, I knew I shouldn’t. I just hugged her and said everything was gonna be alright. I don’t think she believed me, but she hugged me back. That was the start of our friendship we still have today. She means alot to me and I dunno what I would do if she was gone. I helped her see the world as a good place, not hell. She even met her soulmate because of me. Matt and Lauren are so perfect together, I hope they stay that way.




(Matt’s flashback)


I met Lauren at Jada’s house. They were having a sleepover and they invited me and Jake. When we got there they set up a little fort like when we were little. There were pillows and blankets in it, they put a blanket over a few chairs but left one side open. It was in front of the tv so we decided to watch a movie. I helped Lauren with the popcorn and Jake and Jada picked the movie. We watched I think Twilight. We all laid down in the fort, the girls were in the middle and I was on the side of Lauren and Jake was on the side of Jada. Jake and Jada were cuddling. Since me and Lauren weren’t dating, I held her hand. They fit so perfectly together.And that’s how we started dating.


(Jake’s Flashback)

I Remember Lauren from fourth grade, that was the year when Jada and her became friends. I knew her before Jada. She had a crush on me and everyone decided to pick on her. I stood up for her once and then people made fun of me too, but I think that meant a lot to her at the time. I stopped standing up for her because I didn’t want to get picked on, that was the biggest mistake I have ever done. When I found out that Jada became friends with her I hung out with her more. I don’t think Jada ever knew she liked me though. It doesn’t really matter about that anymore because she’s with Matt now. When I found out that Matt was dating Lauren I was so happy, she finally found someone to truly make her happy.  

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