Myth: Volume One

Back and now being written much better, this story follows Will Winters who is the owner of a small bar in New York City. The bar is run by Will and his roommate, Solomon. A looming threat is coming back with a vengeance, will Will and his friends be ready?


5. The Vial


The Vial

When Will awoke, he was back in his apartment. Solomon and Theo were sitting next to him. Solomon was laying on his back while Theo was sitting up, he looked dazed and confused.

"What happened?" Solomon asked as he sat up. Theo suddenly regained his bearings and moved over to Will.

"I think I broke the connection," Will said. "Once that happened, I think it kicked you both from my mind."

"Are you alright, Will?" Theo asked, examining him, Will let him. 

"You seem fine, your pulse is normal and your eyes seem fine." Theo said, Will breathed a sigh of relief. 

"Thank you for your concern, Theo," Will said.

"Anything for you, buddy," Theo said happily and moved back over to his brother.

"What was up with the wall, did you put it there?" Solomon asked, Will shrugged.

"I don't know, I might've put up the wall but I don't remember doing it. I think the man we encountered in my mind had escaped from behind that wall," Will said. 

"Do you know who he was?" Solomon asked, Will tensed up.

"I don't know, I felt like I knew him and he obviously knew me but..." Will trailed off, Solomon and Theo waited for him to continue. Will sighed,

"I'm not sure, whoever he was he might've been from my past... I think we need to take a break, maybe investigate it later, right now, I need a nap." Will said, he stood up as did Solomon and Theo. Theo's expression told him everything,

"I'm okay, Theo, don't worry, get back to training, I'll talk to you guys later." Will said, he hugged Theo tightly which seemed to calm him considerably. Will also hugged Solomon which made him calm as well. 

"Take care of the bar for me for a bit, I won't be asleep long" 

"You can count on us," Solomon said.

Will walked off towards his bedroom, once he got inside, he closed the door. He listened at the door to hear if Solomon and Theo said anything.

"Are you worried?" Theo said, his voice lowered.

"Somewhat, I want to let Will make his own decisions though, if he wants to go through with this then let's let him." Solomon said, more coldly than it seemed he meant to be.

"Alright, we just need to make sure he stays safe, I don't want anything bad happening to him," Theo said. 

"This is Will we're talking about, he'll be fine, you worry too much," Solomon said. Theo laughed,

"I do worry but I guess you're right, Will has been through a lot of stuff but he always makes it through in the end." Theo said. With that, he heard them walk downstairs.

Will slid down the wall, he felt bad for making them worry. It wasn't his fault they urged him to look inside his mind, though he did say "yes". He decided not to worry, he climbed into bed but not before stubbing his toe on the chest at the end of his bed. The chest at the end of his bed was solid cedar and contained his winter blankets and other cloths like old curtains.

He stubbed his toe on it regularly and he could feel it throbbing as he whisper-screamed into his pillow. He looked down at his toe, it was turning red, or somewhat purple, he couldn't tell. That's what happens when you have grey skin, you can't tell what color stuff is. Will turned over and held his body pillow, no, it is not a body pillow with a design. Solomon has a pillow with a design, Will thought, what a weirdo.

Will needed a body pillow to sleep with, it helped him calm down, the coolness of it calmed him enough to fall into a deep sleep rather quickly.


"Don't tread too far into the woods, Will"

A man stood behind Will, he looked exactly like the shadow that had attacked him in his mind but he was human. He was about Will's height and looked about his build if he were human. 

"The woods are dangerous, little tyke, you're mother would have a fit if you wandered off in there by yourself."

Will looked down at himself, he was small, VERY small, like five or six years old small. The man picked him up and put him on his shoulder, they hurried off away from the woods. He looked back at the woods, a pair of eyes was watching him, it looked like they were his eyes, burning magenta.


"Will, wake up," a voice said, his eyes shot open and he looked up. Above him was Tadala,

"Are you okay, Will? You were whimpering and crying in your sleep." Tadalasaid, he felt his face, he felt drying tears coating the area around his eyes. He suddenly felt embarrassed and she noticed,

"It's okay, Will, we can leave if you'd like," Tadala said, Will shook his head.

"No no, you can stay." Will said, he held out his arms for a hug, she obliged and hugged him.

"Was it a bad nightmare?" Tadala said.

"Yeah, I think what I did in my mind is causing something else to happen, my dream felt like it had happened, like it was a memory." Will said, Tadala seemed concerned.

"I don't mean to baby you but do you need anything?" Tadala said.

"A glass of water would be nice," Will said, Tadala didn't waste any time conjuring a glass of water from thin air. She handed it to him. Will didn't know what he did to deserve such great friends, the thought of it caused him to start tearing up. 

"What's wrong?" Tadala asked, she seemed so concerned which made Will tear up even more.

"It's nothing, I just don't know what I did to deserve such great friends," he wiped the tears from his eyes.

"We fought in battle together, we cared for each other, nothing creates a stronger bond than being in a life and death situation like that," Tadala said, Will managed a chuckle.

"I guess a life or death situation does change things," Will said, he finished the water and put the glass on his bedside table. He laid back on his pillow,

"Tad, where is everyone else?" he asked, she shrugged.

"I think they're downstairs, the bar just closed so they should be up here soon." Tadala said, "should I let them in when they do?" 

"Yes, I think I've rested enough... so I slept for about ten hours?" he asked.

"Yeah, you should be well rested by now..." Tadala trailed off, "I know you're going to try the Mind-Lock again and I won't stop you, just be careful, alright?" 

"I'll be okay, Tad, I promise." Will said, she hugged him again. She felt warm and he smelled her perfume, he felt bliss in that moment. He truly loved his friends, he had been around them for so long they felt like family. He couldn't ask for better people to be around for the rest of his life.

Will heard footsteps on the stairs, a moment later, Solomon and Theo walked into the room. 

"Oh good, you're awake, do you want something to eat?" Solomon asked. Will shook his head.

"I can eat later, we should do a Mind-Lock spell again," he said. Solomon sighed.

"There's no stopping you once you set your mind to something, is there?" Solomon laughed, Will chuckled a little.

"Of course not, I'm too stubborn, but anyway, let's get this underway." Will said, both he and Theo gathered around Will who was still sitting in his bed. Tadala watched as Solomon took out the book but suddenly interrupted before they started.

"Are you sure you're okay to do this?" Solomon asked. Will nodded,

"Alright, if you insist," he said, he began the hand movements and touched his hand to his head. Will fell into darkness once more.


Once again, they were in Will's mind, back in the "bar". No sooner had Solomon and Theo entered had Will darted over to the wall in his mind. The crack had grown much larger, a large pool of black smoke was pooling at their feet.

Will ran his hand along the large crack. Suddenly, Will felt a sharp pain in his head, it was intense. Will felt himself fall and collapse and everything went to static as Solomon and Theo ran to him.

"Will, what happened?"

"Oh god, it's falling apart!"

He watched as they fell away and the entire mindscape fell apart.


Will woke up on the floor, Solomon and Theo were sitting crosslegged next to him, their eyes closed. Their eyes suddenly shot open and they took a deep breath.

"Will, what did you do?" Theo asked. He looked at Will who was laying on the floor.

"Are you alright?" Theo asked, he looked him over again. This time his eyes went wide and he backed up.

"What's wrong?" Will asked, Theo was too in shock to answer.

"Your eye... it's gone out," Solomon said, looking at him in amazement. It was true, Will couldn't see out of his left eye, he moved slowly over to the mirror and saw that while one eye was burning magenta, the other was a black hole.

"Oh no, what happened?" Will said, shaking and backing away from the mirror in horror.

"I don't know but we need to get to Cornet, she'll know how to fix this." Theo said, Will turned around and they were both behind him.

"Let's teleport, quickly," Solomon said. Will shook his head.

"Wait, let me go grab something." Will said, he moved over to his bedroom but surprisingly didn't hit anything even with his limited vision. 

He rummaged around in his drawer and found what he was looking for, he stuffed it in his pocket and hurried back to the living room.

"Okay, let's go," Solomon said, they grasped hands and teleported.


They stood now in the throne room of Queen Cornet, the large marble columns extended for at least a football field length. They all three looked at her throne, she wasn't there. They all three ran, Will following after them because he didn't want to run into anything or anyone.

They rounded a corner and found her chambers, they knocked on the heavy wooden door. Some stirring was heard inside and the door creaked open.

"Who is it?" a female voice asked.

"It's Solomon, Theo, and Will, your majesty." Solomon said, she opened the door fully, she was dressed in white pajamas that accented her silvery metallic skin. 

"What are you three doing here this late?" she asked groggily. 

"It's Will's eye, we were doing a Mind-Lock spell and when we awoke, his eye was out and he can't see out of it." Theo said, he must've assumed Will couldn't see 'cause he didn't tell him that detail.

"Hmm, let's go into my throne room where I can cast a light spell and see better," she emerged from the room and headed towards the throne room quickly. They trailed after her, when she reached it she waved her arms around and a large ball of light appeared.

She examined Will as he stepped into the light area, she waved her hand and a book appeared.

"Did you read the side effects at all?" she asked Solomon, Solomon shook his head.

"Of course, well, one of the side effects can be permanent blindness so there isn't much I can do," Cornet said, sadly.


The sound of swords clashing was deafening, Will, Solomon and Theo stood on the battlefield in front of Queen Gallia's castle. Solomon was unconscious on the ground being tended to by a nurse. She carried him off to a tent far behind them. Gallia flew high above them throwing magic projectiles and cheering on her troops with mad advice.

"Throw your swords at their heads!"
"Use the dead bodies of your comrades as weapons!"
"Use cats!"

Will and Theo were fighting her troops, easily mowing through her skeleton warriors and metal guardians who had resorted to using etheral cat-shaped projectiles. Soon, most of her army had been depleted, that was when Queen Gallia screamed and flew down to the ground, her shape turned from a large bird to her humanoid self. 

"Army retreat! I'll face them myself," Gallia's army quickly fled back into the castle and closed the gate. Queen Gallia landed, which created a crater in the earth. She dashed towards them and slashed at Theo. Will sliced at her and a part of her fell off and dissolved. Queen Gallia screamed and wrapped herself around Will and his sword. Theo tried to attack her but to no avail, she simply captured him too. Things began to look grim as Will heard yelling far behind him. Solomon suddenly jumped and sliced Queen Gallia in half. She screamed loudly as she sunk to the ground, she sunk into a large pile of silvery Gallium and went still.

"Solomon you did it!" Theo said, Will and Theo hugged him. Solomon winced,

"Ow ow, that hurts"


"I would like to personally thank you for your help, boys." Queen Cornet, Kind Ruler of the Lesser Monsters, said. "As for a reward, I have something for each of you"

Solomon was first and stepped forward,

"For you, a book of spells, this book has many, many helpful spells and incantations for your benefit. Use it with caution" Queen Cornet handed him the book, the cover was completely black with no designs.

"Thank you, your Majesty"

"You're quite welcome!"

Theo stepped forward next,

"For you, I have a key" she handed him the key, he gladly accepts.

"What is it for, mam?" Theo asked, she laughed.

"I'm glad you asked, it's to my winter home in the Himalayan mountains. It's quite lovely but hasn't been used in a while. It's built right into the side of the mountain. It's your's now"

"Thank you, mam!"

"You're very welcome! Now, for you, Will" 

Will stepped forwards, she retrieved a medium-sized vial of a silvery substance.

"What is it, mam?"

"It's memory solution, in its purest form, specifically for your memories, Will! This will awaken the memories of your life before you became a full-blooded Wendigo. When I had entered your mind before, I had noticed there was a wall that was not there on purpose. I studied mind blocks for a long time and I had found out how to retrieve memories that had been lost. This is for yours, you can choose to inject this if you like. All you need is a syringe, inject them wherever but remember, I have no idea what these memories are of. They could be life-altering, use them with caution. I trust you enough Will to know that you'll use this when the time is right or not at all." 

Cornet handed Will the vial,

"Thank you..." 


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