Myth: Volume One

Back and now being written much better, this story follows Will Winters who is the owner of a small bar in New York City. The bar is run by Will and his roommate, Solomon. A looming threat is coming back with a vengeance, will Will and his friends be ready?


10. The Queen's Experiment


The Queen's Experiment

"You three are actually just about what I imagined, honestly."

Alkyd puffed on his cigarette, blowing out more sky blue smoke. By this time, the entire bar smelled like melting crayons, a very unpleasant smell. 

"What's that supposed to mean," Solomon said, slightly offended by this. 

"I didn't mean it in a mean way, you three just look like the warrior type, the kind that could fight an entire army." Alkyd said, he walked up to the counter and put out his crayon in the ashtray. Will was glad he didn't drop it and stomp on it like some customers did.

"Well, thank you, I guess, but we'e actually the Cornet Quartet now that Tad is here." Will said, motioning towards Tadala who was still passed out. 

"Care to make it a quintet?" Alkyd asked, sitting back down. Will stared at him puzzled,

"You mean you want to join us?" Will asked, Alkyd nodded.

"I think it'd be great to join a group of warriors who try to keep evil at bay, I need excitement in my life and I think I'd find it here, plus I'd be a great addition to your group with this," Alkyd pulled out the revolver he had used, it looked like any old revolver except that where the bullets were housed was longer and crayons were neatly fit inside.

"That's amazing, where did you get that?" Solomon asked, Alkyd unloaded the gun of it's bullets which were metallic but with ends that were shaped like crayons and multicolored; after making sure it was safe, he handed it to Solomon. Solomon seemed deeply intrigued by it, it was just like any old revolver minus the symbol of a drop of water carved into the handle. It most likely symbolized that he was made of paint, something made of water or oil.

"I don't know, I don't remember much about where I was born or anything, I just remember suddenly existing and I had all this stuff, I don't even really have anywhere to live," tears started to form in his eyes, Will noticed but no one else did.

Will began to feel sorry for Alkyd, he and Will were very similar, they both had no memory of their past (Will did now but he didn't used to) and they both were fighters. Will felt compelled to immediately adopt him into their group but he had to consult Queen Cornet first as she was the one who made the final verdict.

"Okay, Alkyd, if you would like to become a true member of the Cornet Quartet, you'll have to meet with Queen Cornet so she can officially add you." Will said. 

"I'd be honored to meet her," Alkyd said, wiping the tears from his eyes. Will felt happy for this, he felt like Alkyd would make a great addition to their team, what with his awesome gun and interesting personality.

"Before we go over and wake Cornet up again, we should all go to sleep and go over to her castle at a decent hour." Theo said, as he finished patching up Tadala's injuries. 

"You're right, we shouldn't wake her up again, this can wait for tomorrow, in the meantime, Alkyd, you can sleep on the couch upstairs, you okay with that?" Will asked, Alkyd seemed satisfied and nodded.

"But the couch is where I usually sleep," Solomon said, Will stared at him sassily.

"You have a bed in your room, you know?" Will said.

"Well... yeah but the couch is more comfy," Solomon whined, Will sighed. 

"Just sleep in your room, would you rather him sleep on the streets?" Will asked, angrily.

"Guys, guys, stop fighting, it's okay, I can sleep on the floor if you want, I don't mind," said Alkyd.

"No no, I'm being selfish, you take the couch and I'll sleep in my room, I'm just sleepy and grumpy," Solomon said, "C'mon, I'll show you the couch and get you some stuff to sleep with." 

Solomon began walking upstairs and Alkydfollowed, Tadala was still unconscious on the counter and Theo was attempting to carry her. Will walked over and helped lift her, they carried her upstairs, walked over to her door and opened it. 

Once they went inside, the door closed behind them, Tadala rigged the door with magic to close automatically, trapping anyone who tried to break in, inside. Only those with keys could escape her house through the door.

"Where should we put her?" Theo asked as they walked to her living room. The room was lovely and had a grand fireplace with violet flames, her favorite color. There was a couch with potted plants on either side, a record player which was spinning with the needle up, a few tall bookcases and a rug in the center of the room that was a lavender color. 

"I think we should put her upstairs, her bedroom is probably up there," Will said, they walked back to the hallway where the stairs were, they hurried up them with Tadala still in tow and reached the top, her bedroom was the only room upstairs and inside was amazing.

In the bedroom, she had maps of the world and other worlds, a large king size bed, an assortment of mounted monster heads including a few from the war with Gallia and more large bookcases with an assortment of old and new books, most of which were fiction. 

They put her down on the bed, with sheets that were lavender and plum colored in a checkered pattern. Theo tucked her in and made sure she was still breathing. 

"I think one of us needs to stay with her tonight," Theo said, "I think it should be me."

"Are you sure you're up to it?" Will said, he scoffed. 

"Of course... I just remembered, I think we're gonna like Alkyd, he's really nice," Theo said, with a sly smile.

"What makes you say that all of the sudden," Will asked, curiously.

"Well, I'll just say the reason I didn't come earlier before the battle was because I was in the shower, I didn't say I was in the shower alone," Theo said, Will was shocked and almost choked on air.

"Do you have any chill, whatsoever?" Will said, blushing. Theo laughed.

"You know me well enough by now that I definitely have no chill," Theo said, Will giggled.

"Well yeah, anyways, if you're up to it and don't want to have more fun with Alkyd, be my guest." Will said, as he walked away. "Have a good night man."

"Night, Will."


"Rise and shine, Will," 

Will awoke to Tadala standing over him, a sight he hadn't expected. 

"Tad, you're okay!" he said, hugging her.

"Of course I'm okay, don't worry, not much can take me down," she said, Will laughed. "Anyways, we need to get Alkyd to Queen Cornet's castle so she can make him an official part of our team."

"So you heard, huh?" 

"Yeah, Theo told me everything earlier after I woke up, he really stayed up all night to check on me, he's such a great friend," Tadala said, smiling. "I'll leave you to get dressed, everyone else is already ready to go, just come to the living room when you're dressed and we can go."

Tadala left and closed the door, Will quickly got out of bed, threw something on, brushed his teeth with his finger (something he had done many times before), and headed out the door.

Everyone was standing in the living room, Alkyd now appeared more neat, his poncho and hat were clean and he looked really prim and proper. He approached everyone,

"Hey, look who's finally up," Solomon said, Will laughed. Everyone looked dressy the more he looked at them, all Will was wearing was a pink t-shirt that said "Don't laugh, it's your boyfriend's shirt" and black skinny jeans. No one seemed to notice thought,

"Okay, is everyone ready to go?" Will said, Alkyd piped up.

"Before we go, I'd like to thank you, Will, for unofficially adding me to your crew," Alkyd said, smiling. "I really appreciate it."

"Of course, you're an amazing person already for saving us from Gallia and I'm sure Cornet will love you," Will said. Alkyd beamed with happiness and it made Will happy to see him happy, he had only just met the guy yesterday and so much had already happened that he felt like he had known him for years.

"Okay, then without further ado, let's teleport," Tadala said, they all joined hands and they were whisked away to Cornet's Castle.


When they arrived in Queen Cornet's throne room, she sat on her throne, frightened by the sudden intrusion but once realizing it was Will and co., she calmed down.

"Oh, hello guys, what brings you here?" Cornet said, puzzled.

"Queen Cornet, we may have a new recruit for the army," Will announced, Cornet beamed immediately upon hearing this and clapped her hands together.

"Splendid, where is the new recruit?" she asked, looking around.

"He's right here, Queen Cornet, we'd like you to meet Alkyd," Will said, the moment she saw him, all the color drained from her face, contrasting Alkyd's face by a lot.

"You survived?" she said, quietly and fearfully. Will and everyone else were silent, they had no idea what she was talking about.

"What do you mean?" Alkyd piped up, Cornet still stared in amazement and fear.

"You were my experiment, I... I was trying to make more golems like Ferrum, Gallia, and myself, I chose a very malleable material that wouldn't dry out very easily, oil based paint. I had created you like how my master had created me and when you were born, you were enraged and went on a rampage. You nearly killed me," Queen Cornet said, looking directly into his eyes now. "I had no other choice but to withdraw my magic and let you wither away, I thought you had died so I disposed of you..." she continued, looking down.

Will looked over at Alkyd who was shocked, tears began forming in his eyes. Will was similarly shocked like everyone else was. 

"You created me... how did I survive without your magic? How am I still standing here and not dead or enraged?" Alkyd asked, starting to break down.

"I'm so sorry, son, I think it might be that I never truly withdrew all my magic, I may have left a glimmer of magic in your body, but all that matters is that you're alive," she said, tears began to fall down her face and she ran towards him, kind of like how a couple runs to each other on a beach but less romantic and more sweet.

They embraced and everyone else was confused but happy for them, Will had not expected this to happen but was glad it was happy, he was afraid she was going to try and kill him again.

They separated and she cleared her throat,

"Alright, Alkyd is now an official member of the Cornet Quartet or Cornet Quintet now, I suppose," Cornet said, everyone cheered and hugged Alkyd, including Cornet, again. 

Will was so happy for Alkyd but also he was happy for everyone, we would need as much help as we could get since he could feel that a second war was looming on the horizon.

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