Myth: Volume One

Back and now being written much better, this story follows Will Winters who is the owner of a small bar in New York City. The bar is run by Will and his roommate, Solomon. A looming threat is coming back with a vengeance, will Will and his friends be ready?


3. The Mindscape


The Mindscape

An acrid smell filled the bar, Will couldn't find the source. Many of the customers quickly left much to Will's dismay, some of them were even people who stayed there all day, getting drunk, which surprised Will. He began to search for the source of the smell, perhaps it was a tap that had shorted out or something. He checked all the machines and none of them seemed to be malfunctioning.

He remembered that Solomon and Theo were still upstairs, had it been one of them causing this horrible smell? Will hurried to them. He was afraid of what he was about to walk into. Solomon had been known for starting small fires, he was somewhat of a pyrotechnic. 

Solomon and Theo sat on the couch. Solomon's book was sprawled across the floor, they were practicing spells, Solomon did a hand movement and Theo mimicked him. Colorful smoke was billowing from the space in between them. So much so that the room had become extremely hazy and smelled absolutely terrible. Their eyes were locked, they seemed so enveloped by what they were doing. Will was reluctant to interrupt them but their magic was scaring away bar patrons, even if it was the ones Will didn't like so much.

"Solomon? Theo?" No response, they were locked deep into the spell. Their bodies seem to be wrap in a semitransparent haze that Will found to be hypnotic to watch, like how you watch a lava lamp.

"Solomon? Theo?!?!" Will waved his hands in front of their faces rapidly to no avail, Will quickly looked at the open book beside them, the page was open to a Mind-Lock spell. "A Mind-Lock spell causes two or more people's minds to become locked together in a state of mimicry," as Will read. Will remembered Cornet using one of him when he visited her castle. She used it to share her mind with him and show him things that had been happening to her and her kingdom as she found it much easier than to explain all the details.

Will had no idea why Solomon and Theo were using that spell but it was obviously being conducted by Solomon as he was performing the majority of the hand movements. Will felt relieved, thankfully it wasn't something too dangerous, however, it was still dangerous and he needed to let them finish or find a way to calmly stop them.

Suddenly, the smoke between them turned to fire and then disappeared. Solomon's hand movements stopped and their concentration broke. Solomon looked to Will,

"Will? What are you doing?" Solomon asked, Will was dumbfounded,

"I should be asking you that, why were you performing a Mind-Lock Spell?"

"I was trying to share my memories and thoughts with Theo, we're brothers so we don't keep secrets from each other and we wanted to get everything out, this was the easiest way to make sure we really told each other everything. We shared our minds to show that we completely trusted each other, that we had no dark secrets between us."

"Well, just be careful, alright? That spell can cause paralysis if performed even slightly incorrectly."

Will looked at Theo, he hadn't said anything and stared at Will like a sad puppy, which, though he was a Black Shuck, looked very odd and honestly kind of scary.

"You alright, Theo?" Will asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Theo said, still staring at him. "I've always wondered what secrets you have in that big ol' head of yours."

"First off, rude, my head isn't that big. Second off, what are you suggesting?"

"I know you have that vial still, I wonder what your mind looks like without those memories and if it's obvious that there is damage at all."

"Are you suggesting doing a Mind-Lock spell with me?"

"I think that's what he's suggesting, now that I think about it, it could be a way to bring back your memories without having to damage yourself by forcefully injecting memories." Solomon said with a sly smile. Will knew that he just wanted to see what the inside of his mind looked like.

Will pondered for a moment, did he really want Solomon and Theo poking around in his head?

"I mean... I  guess it would be okay, just as long as you're sure you know what you're doing, Solomon. I don't want to be a vegetable for the rest of my life." Will said. He felt nervous about doing it but he was curious to know the inner-workings of his mind. Will had never gone inside his own mind, only those of people he knew like Cornet and Tadala at one point.

"Can I join?" Theo asked.

"Sure, I've never done a three-way before."

"Sure you haven't," Will scoffed, Solomon scowled.

"You know what I meant. Let's get this spell underway," Solomon began doing various hand movements towards Will and Theo. Solomon suddenly placed his hands to his head and everything went dark as the spell took it's hold on Will.


Will was stiff when he woke, above him stood Theo and Solomon. They were in their true forms, which were hard to tell apart from each other. The key difference was that Theo had lighter fur, it had a white undertone due to his albinism. Will thought Theo's fur was the prettier of the two, being much more tamed and regulated while Solomon's showed signs of being matted in places with God knows what.

"Come on, get up dude!" Solomon said, he outstretched his hand which Will grabbed onto. Will pulled himself up, around him were three hallways, each hallway had a sign above it. "Will", "Solomon", and "Theo" each said in block lettering and looked like it had been burned into each wooden sign by a branding iron.

"Which hallway are we going down first?" Solomon asked. Will looked at each hallway, Solomon's looked least threatening since it was the first to light up.

"How about yours, Solomon?" Will said. Solomon looked scared.

"Uhm, okay, let's do that," so they began to walk down the hall. The hall's walls were painted baby blue, Solomon's favorite color, it was brightly lit and at the end was a door. As they felt the long shag carpeting come between their toes, Will felt content at the softness of the grey woolly carpeting. Will thought about putting some in the apartment, he was about to bring it up to Solomon when they reached the door. Will tried to open it but it was locked,

"I have the key" Solomon pulled an ornate S-shaped key from his pocket and unlocked the door. The room suddenly lit up and a larger version of Will's apartment was inside. It was near exact aside from the extra doors and books stacked everywhere.

"Your mind is laid out like my apartment?" Will said, a little contented by this.

"Well, it's our apartment and yea, it seemed perfect, this is where I keep everything in the real world and keeping everything here in my memories sounded good. By the by, these are just the regular memories of random day-to-day things. For the good stuff, follow me," Solomon walked forward, Will and Theo followed. The apartment was an almost exact replica of the apartment, the TV was positioned on a table in front of the couch. The small kitchen with it's loud rattling refrigerator which wasn't rattling like normal and the granite counter tops where miscellaneous food items were sitting.

Will noticed Tadala's closet door was not there which he found odd, but he remembered it wasn't part of the original apartment layout, Tadala had added it using magic, to anyone else who entered the apartment besides Solomon, Theo, Tadala, or himself, they would see a blank wall. He guessed Solomon's mind couldn't process that so it decided to leave it blank. Music played softly from nowhere in particular, the song was "The WORLD" by Nightmare. Solomon was such a nerd.

Solomon walked down the hallway toward a door that was not part of Will's apartment layout. It was opposite Solomon's bedroom door and was also locked like the main door. Solomon unlocked it and the room inside lit up just like the main room. It was a white brightly lit room, a small pamphlet-like book sat on a table next to a couch. 

"Go ahead, Will," Solomon said, Will walked towards the couch and sat down, Solomon and Theo sat down next to him. Solomon grabbed the book and hands it to Will, it's surprisingly heavy for such a small thing. On the front are ornate designs in gold and in a Calligraphic font reads, "Solomon's Secrets". A yellow sticky note was placed in between the two words which read "Gay". "Solomon's Gay Secret's" Will read and burst out laughing, Solomon blushed and ripped the sticky note off.

"Theo, I swear to God, are you twelve?" Solomon crumpled up the small piece of paper and flicked it at Theo who was stifling back laughter.

"I'm allowed to say that, I am kinda gay." Theo said, erupting in laughter like Will.

"Well, you're bi so... I guess." Solomon still scowled at him.

Will calmed down a few seconds later, he wiped his face to remove the tears he had from laughing so much, opened the book and began to read.

"Solomon's Secrets

1. I have a tendency to smell any candles I see, I can't help it, they just smell so damn awesome! Some of them at least, unless it smells like the beach or coconut
2. I hate the smell of coffee, which is why I shot down Will's suggestion to switch the bar to a coffee shop
3. I can tell when Will is sad, I never say anything though because he doesn't like being talked to when he's sad, it's somewhat irritating but I understand
4. I get really sad sometimes because I can never tell people how I really feel about them
5. I really think that Will needs to meet someone, he's never dated anyone, it's kinda sad. He says he's waiting for the right guy but when's that gonna come along, huh?
6. Queen Cornet is kinda scary, especially when she performs magic, the look on her face could kill a man
7. I can already tell that Gallia will return soon, I mean, she's obviously not dead, she just went into hiding"



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